Anguish over animal control tech's suicide

Animal welfare agency expresses anguish over animal control technician’s suicide

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A Louisiana animal welfare agency expressed anguish over an animal control technician’s decision to commit suicide. On Saturday, the St. Landry Parish Animal Control & Rescue was moved to write a public Facebook post about the situation after reading heartless comments from people who apparently do not fully grasp what an animal control technician faces with their job.

The anguished words

St. Landry Parish Animal Control explained:

Recently, I received an email about the death of an Animal Control tech. As I read I felt so much PAIN for her. She took on the role of all…and when the animals did*not* find homes. Her job became to kill them….she took her LIFE.

The public’s lack of understanding

Apparently, people accused the woman who committed suicide of being weak – they pondered why she would ever take her own life. The truth may be hard for some to see, but St. Landry Parish explains:

Since her words are SILENCE. I am going to answer for her and so many. “We, within the walls of animal control struggle. We try. We make very little. We have little to no emotional support. There’s no escape route. When you become committed to YOUR animals in your care…its because YOU CARE. When NO ONE COMES…NO ADOPTIONS…NO OUT….THE KENNELS PACK UP….There’s only one way out…DEATH.

The harsh reality of the public’s lack of understanding and cruel words

When a dog or cat is put down at an animal control agency, there is almost always a public outcry – there are words of condemnation about why they animal was not saved. Rarely are the harsh words directed at the person who surrendered the pet, or at those who abandon, dump and breed. The words are directed to the person who is forced to slide the needle into the leg and make the fatal injection. St. Landry Parish Animal Control wrote:

EVERYONE asks why that animal. You killed that dog. You are horrible. You did this. You…You…You.
That weight, those words only add to the already PAIN. The GUILT. The BURDEN of FAILING. And we live with it. Why don’t you? The public? Our weight is endless. And yet, it’s us people hate. Timeless effort we give daily…free.

Understanding and help needed

Everyone needs to take part in ending the epidemic of pet overpopulation. Everyone needs to help educate those who believe that their pet doesn’t need to be spayed or neutered. Everyone needs to take time to network on behalf of homeless pets. Everyone should do something – foster, adopted, volunteer, donate. The burden cannot fall entirely on the animal control agencies who are forced to clean up society’s mess.

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15 replies
  1. Marni Montanez says:

    So true. We need to be united in our efforts to change laws, take care of animals and stop the cruelty.

  2. J. Martin says:

    People in general can be ignorant heartless assholes!! My heart goes out to this woman’s family. She couldn’t take it anymore due to what she had to keep doing to those innocent animals who had no one to help them. I have to agree .. it’s not so much the ones who have to do this to animals. BUT .. THE LOW LIFE FUCKS .. who surrender them there. The owners who abandon, neglect them .. in favor of whatever NOT ACCEPTABLE reasons they come up with. I’m sorry that you took your life because of all the POS assholes in the world who surrendered pets to your facility. I’m sorry that those animals coulddn’t find homes and I’m sorry that you had to do the job of putting those poor innocents to sleep.

  3. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Sadly this isn’t the first time an animal technician has taken her life. I express my deepest sympathy for her family and loved ones. It’s a job I think shouldn’t even have to exist if there were responsible pet owners in the world. But sadly there aren’t and my heart is breaking…..

  4. Adrienne says:

    This article is spot on. Our initial reaction to a killing of an animal we deem to be adoptable only to be euthanized but we have to remember that most of those whose job it is to do that, are not happy about what they have to do, but the reality is there is nothing left for many of these unwanted animals. It would be great if our federal government got involved with caring and sheltering these dogs as opposed to killing, but then we’d have other problems. Yes, we read about cruel workers who may seem to enjoy killing these animals but I wonder if that is true since they are not the ones making that decision. You become desensitized to what is happening and this occurs in many jobs. Next time when we complain that a dog or cat was killed there is plenty of blame to go around from the owners, to landlords who decide they suddenly don’t want pets in their building to the greedy scums who breed and breed animals until they are spent and then tossed aside.
    Truly sorry that this person took their own life due to the demands and pressure of her job with animals. We will never know how or what she felt.

  5. Nadya Rossi says:

    Poor woman. So unfair. People don’t realize the cost paid by those who do our dirty work. All those sweet little bodies. It would kill my spirit, my soul to have to kill them, put their bodies in Glaad Bags and load them on a truck, knowing their final destination is a garbage dump. I read of the same thing happening in abortuaries. The techs have to collect and count the baby body parts, all the little fingers and toes counted and then bagged up for their trip to the land fill.

  6. JEANETTE says:

    I don’t understand how people can be so cruel toward each other.
    These animal control folks do the best they can with little help from the public.
    Poor lady & her family, I feel bad for them. Hopefully the lady is in heaven.
    Take your anger out on the folks who do bad things to animals, also the stupid judges who only give them a slap on the wrist.

  7. Pamela Bolton says:

    AMEN. I could not do what is forced upon you. The owners say, oh we will sell them or find them homes. No you won’t. They will end up outside, on the streets or in the shelters. It should be “mandatory” that each animal is spayed/neutered UNTIL all shelters are empty. If they won’t do it, take them and do it for them. This is WAY out of control. I sympathize with the girl. I couldn’t do it without being very angry at the owners. My heart to her family because I know how she felt.

  8. Stephen says:

    Strange as it may be to some of you but I am impressed in a way that this one person thought enough about the lives of the animals with which she interacted that she felt so bad because of the additional pain from the outside that she could no longer accept how terrible are animal’s lives.

  9. pennysdachshunds says:

    Sad thing is : the Enormous amount of animal’s that enter into the rescue, shelters in YOUR STATE and especially Landry Parish… that have been neglected, abused, tortured is BEYOND DOUBT one of the most horrific thing I have seen in my almost 3 quarters of a century on EARTH… I would never even attempt to take a vacation myself in your state : Let alone Landry Parish… Animals have deep feelings and commitment to their person::: but there are so many Demonic People doing things to animals even the 3rd world countries are not doing…. it is sad your staff member was so distraught they killed themselves… the County should be the ones ASHAMED that they have let this Evil Shit go on unaddressed till it has come to this…

  10. Diana Rowell says:

    While I understand that the folks who work a hard job with little support and a skimpy salary probably get more criticism than they deserve, I disagree that most people only take out their frustrations on A/C. I’ve read countless responses that CONDEMN these animal abusers and irresponsible acts towards animals. Personally, I’ve given many compliments to A/C when they’ve done their job or gone above the call of duty. What REALLY frustrates me is why don’t states create laws that FORCE people to have their pet companions fixed UNLESS they can prove they breed their animals? I know, I know, a lot probably resist because they feel it’s their RIGHT to not have it done. HOWEVER, we have in MANY other cases pushed certain laws and eventually people settled into the requirements. THIS would result in a great decline of what A/C has to put up with and free them to have more resources and time to find homes for the ones they do have in the kennels. Folks, including A/C must also remember that the public also hears about regular abuses by A/C as well as very lazy A/C officers. That makes it hard for the rest who do a great job.

  11. Nancy Raymond says:

    I have empathy for the Animal Control tech who committed suicide – no way could I ever do that job and not wear the guilt of killing an animal – and I am sick and tired of hearing about this ‘educating’ people about spaying/neutering – it is common sense and some people are not willing to take on the responsibility of responsible pet ownership – there is no educating these idiots, they don’t care – anyone who just abandons or dumps an animal in a shelter because they can’t be bothered does not need education, they will never listen to reason – and the animals suffer due to human neglect, abuse and downright lack of humanity. What shelters need to do and step up and spay/neuter animals before adoption – and stop allowing adopters to make this decision – it would be a giant advance in pet overpopulation. I will never understand why shelters do not take this responsibility – not a huge expense and it saves lives.

  12. attn:Tracey Ordiway says:

    i rescues animals all the time and i try never to put them down unless no hope, however if i had 91 billion dollars here in ash fork our foundation could wonders the all the animals in need so why not donate to our gofund that would also help us get the not for profit and non profit 501-c3 help us so we can help save more, for newsletters up dates mail The Princess Foundation,Updateson foundation news,P.O.Box 1639 Ash Fork,Arizona 86320

  13. Deborah Dearmore says:

    My heart is crying for this young lady and her family. She had to do her job. The people that was so judgmental at the animal control workers need to back off and think before they speak. Do you see what you did to this girl? Please don’t do this to no one else. It’s not their fault.


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