monkeys freed from lab

26 lab monkeys freed after being used for ‘shameful’ research

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Monkeys who spent their entire life inside of a laboratory being used in research described as “shameful,” have been freed. According to the Gainesville Sun, 26 monkeys were recently relocated to a Florida sanctuary to live out the remainder of their lives.

The research

Before being relocated to the Gainesville’s Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary, the squirrel monkeys lived in cages at a laboratory where they were subjected to testing for nicotine addiction research.  Primatologist Jane Goodall called the research “cruel and unnecessary,” as well as “shameful,” given the fact that most everyone already knows the impact of smoking on humans. In 2017, Goodall voiced her opinion to the Food and Drug Administration, writing:

“To continue performing nicotine experiments on monkeys when the results of smoking are well-known in humans — whose smoking habits can be studied directly — is shameful.”

Life after the lab

Days of living in a cage and being subjected to unnecessary research are over for the 26 primates. This spring, the monkeys will be living in outdoor enclosures that are set up to resemble a natural habitat. Until that time, they are being introduced to new foods and experiences as they adapt to life outside of a research lab, without nicotine.

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5 replies
  1. Donna L Hawkins says:

    These unnecessary experiments must stop! It’s just some sick scientists to get funding for an excuse to have something to do!

  2. Sue says:

    Experimenting on animals is not done to help people. It is an industry that has grown out of 18th century ignorance married to 21st century greed.

    Even in the late 19th century, this is what Britain’s first woman M.D. had to say about it: * “The spiritual malady that rages in the soul of the vivisector is in itself sufficient to render him incapable of acquiring the highest and best knowledge. He finds it easier to propagate and multiply disease than to discover the secret of health. Seeking for the germs of life, he invents only new methods of death.”

    It is not “research,” and never was. Please read this book by ex-vivisector Prof. Pietro Croce, M.D. :


  3. Susan says:

    Very few people understand that these experiments endure in part because researchers ride the grant money gravy train. Grant money is doled out year after year for useless, macabre experiments that undergo no oversight and no analysis as to whether they benefit the public. Media are owned by big pharma and big research so do nothing to pull back the curtain to show these scam artists for what they are. Sickening.


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