Woman left 4 dogs for months to languish in shed after boyfriend left

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In West Palm Beach, Florida, a 27-year-old woman admitted to authorities she left four dog to languish in a shed for two months behind her home after her boyfriend moved out. On Monday, Samantha Elizabeth Dwarka was charged with four counts of animal cruelty and four counts of confinement of animals without sufficient food, water or exercise.

According to AbcActionNews, Dwarka admitted to knowing the dogs were in the shed, but had no intentions of caring for them. The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office found the dogs living in the closed up shed stacked in crates. The two dogs in the top crates had feces and urine in them, but most of the excrement had fallen into the bottom crates where the other two dogs were imprisoned. The stench in the shed was overwhelming when rescuers entered.

The two dogs in the bottom crates were not able to stand; no food or water was present at all. The dogs all suffered from internal parasites and severe malnutrition. The dogs are now under the care of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control and have since gained weight.

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  1. Pennysdachshunds says:

    CAN ANYONE IMAGINE this Deviate Psychopathic Poor Excuse of a Living Human Being Living right next to that Shed and Sleeping soundly in Her “bed” while these little creatures are Suffering beyond Anything Imaginable for Months!!! Her boyfriend was the Lucky one to Get away for this Evil, Demonic, Bitch!!! IHOPE The JUDGE THROWS THE BOOK AT HER>>> She Get’s away with this if She ever has Children What a Travesty it Would Be…

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    What is this a new way to “get back” at the boyfriend for leaving, starve innocent dogs? And shame on the “boyfriend” he obviously didn’t give a hoot about the pets either. I wish they would lock her in a shed and not feed or take care of her, and see what she put these poor dogs through.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Put this vile monster in a crate just her size and give her nothing to eat or drink. Let the punishment fit the crime.With all judgements, the punishment must fit the crime.

  4. Gizmos Mommy says:

    Woman, no. Female, possibly. Skank, absolutely. Cunt, of course. Maggot savage, positively. Do the same to that piece of shit.


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