‘Worst possible outcome’ for penguin stolen from zoo

Penguin stolen from zoo is found dead
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The worst possible outcome has materialized for a penguin who was stolen from a zoo in Mannheim, Germany, over the weekend. According to the Daily Mail, the penguin, known by its identification number “53,” was found decapitated on a fence in a parking lot not far from the zoo.

The local authorities have opened an investigation into the sad situation – hoping to find whoever took the Humboldt Penguin, and who is responsible for the animal’s death. It is unclear if the bird was killed where the body was found, or elsewhere – officials are hoping that a witness will come forward with more information.

The Humboldt penguin is a South American Penguin who lives along the Pacific coast. The flightless seabird bird is considered to be a “vulnerable” breed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Number “53” resided at the zoo with approximately 20 other penguins – zoo keepers noticed that the bird was missing during a headcount on Saturday.

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  1. Les gens sont complètement pourris de l’intérieur pour tuer un animal innocent, il faut absolument exterminer toute cette merde pour sauver un peu de ce monde. Ce fumier doit être attrapé rapidement et condamnés à mort.

  2. What the fuck is seriously wrong with people???? Why would you do that to a poor animal already endangerd??? Ĺots of sick fuckd that’s for sure!!! Please share this everywhere!!!

  3. First of all how did someone manage to steal a penguin with no body noticing? That sounds like this zoo is not very good with maintaining security for the safety of the animals! Who ever did this is a sick bastard! They need to be punished severely for this crime! That poor bird suffered horribly!

    • I was wondering what about the enclosure that these birds should have had. How did this POS even get to take a penguin out of it’s pen? Something is amiss about this zoo’s protective measures.

  4. That’s incredible the dogs got that sick ! So sorry for their loss! Don’t hesitate to go to the veterinarian if your pet seems ill ! You may save their life!

  5. As for this penguin that’s beyond belief! Don’t they have cameras? How did that horrible creep get to grab the penguin? I hope they are found and severely punished I doubt this their first cruel act!


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