U.S. House sanctions the killing of hibernating bears and wolf puppies in dens

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The United States House of Representatives overturned an Alaska-specific wildlife regulation on Thursday previously issued by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service which protected shooting and trapping wolves with cubs, shooting grizzly bears from airplanes, luring grizzly bears with food to kill them and using inhumane steel leg hold traps and snares to trap animals.Hibernating bear bear.org

Proposed by Alaska Republican Representative Don Young, shortly before President Obama’s term ended and using the Congressional Review Act which allows Congress to revoke a regulation within 60 days of its passage with a simple majority vote, the measure passed 225 to 193 along party lines. The Obama administration called it a “withering attack on bears and wolves entirely at odds with America’s long tradition of ethical, sportsmanlike, fair-chase hunting.” Young, however has been a constant foe of the regulations saying it will “fundamentally alter not only how national wildlife refuges and the fish, wildlife, and habitats on them will be managed” but also affects the state and federal relationships. According to the Humane Society of the United States, president and CEO Wayne Pacelle calls the action shocking:

“What the House did today should shock the conscience of every animal lover in America. If the Senate and President concur, we’ll see wolf families killed in their dens, bears chased down by planes or suffering for hours in barbaric steel-jawed traps or snares.”

Affected by this ruling are federally managed lands, and the Alaska Board of Game has launched an attack on bears and wolves contending they want to increase the populations of caribou and moose. Somehow the age old natural predator and prey animal rules of the wild have now been deemed the responsibility of man.  Pacelle states the practices in question are disallowed in almost every state, however the House is seeking to revive such animal cruelty on federal lands specifically created to protect wildlife and promote the diversity of species.

“While the backers of the measure claimed this was a state’s rights issue, a recent poll by Remington Research Group found that Alaska voters oppose these inhumane and unsporting methods by a 2-1 margin, and many Alaskans voiced support for the rule during the extensive public comment period.  Alaska’s inhumane and unsporting predator control practices have been roundly condemned by state and federal wildlife scientists” stated Pacelle on the organization’s press release.

Alaskans for Wildlife, Alaska Wildlife Alliance, Friends of Alaska Wildlife Refuges, Lynn Canal Conservation, Northern Alaska Environmental Center, Oasis Earth, Resurrection Bay Conservation Alliance, Sierra Club – Alaska Chapter and the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council joined The HSUS in opposing H.J. Res. 69. Last year, a group of more than 50 scientists sent a letter to Congress in support of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service rule. The full roll call can be found here. The HSUS expresses its gratitude to the lawmakers who voted “no” on this misguided resolution.

Weigh in on this ruling please. Is this a foreshadowing of what is to become of our wildlife for hunters having fun?

(Photos of bears via Bear.org. Photo of wolf pups via takepart.com)

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30 replies
  1. Michelle Morgan says:

    Just an inkling of what’s to come with this new administration. All they care about is the almighty dollar, not protecting animals or our lands. So sad and disheartening.

  2. Kathleen Drude says:

    Once again human beings have proven they have no clue to what it means to stand by an agreement! The govement has just signed a death warrant for every bear and wolf in America! This is unbelievable to me! We as a nation have to stand together and say no! This makes no sense, but it shows that our goverment cares nothing about conservation or protecting a species that is just making a comeback! Wolves were hunted and killed to almost zero! Grizzly bears also live in a very precarious place! Enough you need to get a grip! You have just made it ok for every pysopath with a gun to go out and shoot these animals regardless of the fact you will be sentencing their young to death as well!

    • Eddie Lopez says:

      “death warrant for every bear and wolf in America?” Really? I think if you read the article a little bit more clearly you’ll see it is a bill proposed by Alaska Republican Representative Don Young for and only in Alaska. Please don’t add to the cry wolf mentality. btw, I am against this bill.

      • Kathleen Drude says:

        In response to Eddie Lopez: are you kidding? Cry wolf? I don’t know who you are or where you came from but you don’t address me unless you know what you’re talking about! First off every red neck ass hole is going to be shooting them any where they can find them it’s called poaching you moron! Next time pay attention or don’t answer anything that I post!

      • andrew says:

        It’s not only Alaska she is commenting on. The National Park Legacy Project spearheaded by GWB may very well be affected.

      • linda says:

        Allow me to cry wolf. You obviously haven’t heard or read that the regulations to protect wild life animals may no longer exist.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    What purpose does overturning a regulation which protected shooting and trapping wolves with cubs, shooting grizzly bears from airplanes, luring grizzly bears with food to kill them and using inhumane steel leg hold traps and snares to trap animals serve the greater good? This whole administration hasn’t any sense or compassion at all and have no care about our environment! How the slaughter of defenseless animals is “making America great again” is beyond MY comprehension! “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated”. Mahatma Gandhi, that about says it all as far as I am concerned!

    • linda says:

      I totally agree with your comments. SMH as to why it was so important for these assholes to overturn a regulation that was to protect wildlife animals. Seriously they couldn’t leave it alone.

  4. maxiemom says:

    Every GD trumper who calls themselves an animal advocate and isn’t ashamed of their vote by now needs to stop doing so. They officially are among the brainwashed cult who cares nothing for animals, people, nor anyone else on this planet. trump and his band of killers are making this hell for everyone, whether they’re our pets or wildlife, or us.

      • Helen says:

        Do me a favor and educate yourself! He has a nitwit on his team that thinks there is nothing wrong with puppy mills.

      • Andrea Milioto says:

        You know that 45 is an animal hater. He even criticized Pence for bring his pets to DC calling them low class and was embarrassed by them. 45 is the extreme national embarrassment to our country. I would not doubt if he thought he could get away with it, he would try to get rid of every pet in our country. After all, pets make people happy and he cannot have that,

    • vicki hood says:

      Best answer yet. The Trump attack on clean water and air is enough to impeach. Get rid of this moron–scuse me—president moron.

  5. Barbara hartman says:

    I don’t think those politicians understand why these wildlife had protection. These hunters would do barbaric, torture, etc. methods.

  6. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    This is BULLSHIT!!!! There needs to be of something done about this. Those innocent animals don’t even stand a chance with this Bullshit. We need to STOP THIS NOW!!!!

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    Once again the Trump administration is proving its total lack of humanity towards other beings – he will be our downfall for sure. No animal has a chance with this administration of billionaires whose only priority is the almighty dollar.

  8. Judy McClellan says:

    Anyone that can condone this is born without empathy. Anyone that can take the life of any animal for sport or fun should be locked up in prison. This is horrible. The rules for being a decent person are disappearing fast with this insane administration, so filled with greed and selfishness. I am sickened by this news and everyday there is something else these criminals are doing to make like unbearable for everyone that is decent. This is so wrong and so horribly sad.


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