Child fatally mauled by two puppies

Child dies after mauling by family’s two puppies

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Two six-month-old puppies are said to be responsible for the death of a little boy in Clarksville, Tennessee. According to News Channel 5, the five-year-old boy suffered “extensive injuries” when he was mauled by his family’s two English Mastiff puppies on Thursday morning.

The tragic incident took place at a home on Charles Thomas Road – few details have been released about what led up to the fatal attack and investigators are seeking answers about the deadly situation. Both pups were removed from the family home and taken to the Montgomery County Animal Control.

Anyone with information is asked to reach out to Detective Tim Anderson with the Clarksville Police Department (931)648-0656 ext. 5132 or the TIPS line at 645-TIPS.

English Mastiffs are described as courageous dogs with a docile and “good-nature” personality.

Animal Planet video of English Mastiffs here.

(Photo via Montgomery County Animal Control)

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  1. Kathleen Drude says:

    Something isn’t right about this! I had mastiffs and at 6 months they aren’t big enough to maul a 5 year old! These dog are amazing docile! There is something very wrong here! Where were the parents when this was supposed to have taken place! I can almost guarantee these dogs didn’t cause the death of this kid!

    • Mary Ettl says:

      Definitely something wrong here! My niece and her husband have two 6 year old Mastiffs and 4 children ranging in ages 7 down to 2 years old. Those dogs have been raised with those children and there has never been any trouble whatsoever. They are love bugs and pretty much let the children do whatever they want to them. They love those children. They wouldn’t hurt a flea.

    • Julie says:

      They are to big enough! Any dog that gets over 150lbs. By 2 yrs is big enough at 6 mos. Ill bet they were at least 75 lbs. Unless under nourished.. Then, of course there’s neglect to look at for kids and dogs…

      • Kathleen Drude says:

        This is in response to all of you who say the mastiff pups were big enough! NO THEY WERE NOT at 6 months of age they weigh between 40 and 50 pounds! Unless they are eating spinach like Popeye! Now having said this mastiffs are mushes you can climb all over them they will lay there! But now these 2 pups are condemned to die because some adult didn’t have enough sense to pay a attention to her kid! Personally I couldn’t care less about the human involved in this! My concern is for the 2 puppies! Kathleen Drude DVM

    • Nancy Raymond says:

      I agree, and as usual the dogs will be blamed. I am very suspicious about this post – exactly where were the parents when this supposedly happened – there is something VERY wrong here.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Another case of a child around two large dogs without adult supervision. These two puppies will most likely die because someone couldn’t be bothered to watch a 5 year old’s interaction with two large dogs. I’m so sorry for this family’s loss of the child.

  3. Angela Corso says:

    This doesn’t make sense. These dogs are not attack dogs at all and tend to be even more docile with children. The investigation on the family needs to be extensive!!!!!

  4. liltigr says:

    There is something missing in this story I don’t believe the person that was home with them when it happened I hope they don’t kill these dogs because of something that was controlled by a human.

  5. Carrie Ainsley says:

    Did someone try to train them to be attack / guard dogs? English Mastiffs are notoriously gentle and awesome with children. They are also famously protective of their owners and pack members. And these dogs being just puppies, it makes no sense. I own several mastiffs and mixes, up to 185 pounds, all with the softest and gentlest of personalities. This breaks my heart.

  6. Terry says:

    There has to be more to this story , this story just does not sound right. Something is rotten in Denmark if these were adult dogs but these were puppies .

    • Linda Staffulani says:

      I think you are right , I think the parents did something to the child and than put the child with the dogs to cover it up. Maybe the child was all ready dead when they put the child with the dogs. Some thing is not right here.

  7. Sheri says:

    How about some DNA proof??? Maybe it wasn’t the dogs at all…….I agree, something just isn’t right. Please don’t let these dogs die without the truth

  8. 19thcenturylady says:

    This is suspicious as hell. These are NOT vicious dogs. And they are very protective of and gentle with their family members. Another case of people who should never have had a child because apparently they cannot be bothered to watch a child. At the age of five my mother ALWAYS knew exactly where I was and what I was doing. She had supersonic hearing. We could not fall, punch each other, pinch, or do anything without her being right there. Something like this takes time. How long was this child alone with these dogs? And people must start training their children how to interact with and respect dogs. Something stinks to high heaven with this.

  9. Sarah Brown says:

    I agree. I have two English Mastiffs and two American Mastiffs who absolutely love my three children. These dogs would never purposefully hurt a child. I would never and have never left a small child alone with any breed of dog I own though. My Dachshund hates children! Mastiffs are not aggressive, and definitely not active. Stranger things have happened though.

  10. Liz says:

    Does anyone think that the parents could of killed the baby and fed it to the dogs. They could of starved the dogs for days . This is horrible. Poor puppies , horrible human beings. These people shouldn’t t of been allowed to have dogs orchildren.

  11. Marcia Scruggs says:

    This doesn’t seem right. I wonder if someone else killed the child and is trying to frame the dogs. It wouldn’t be the first time this has happened. Hopefully, an autopsy will prove things one way or the other.

  12. Kathleen says:

    They are a powerful breed. No dog should ever be left alone with a child. Especially not 2 of a very powerful breed. Poor boy.

  13. Rhonda says:

    What did they do, cover the child in dog food? Puppies are not aggressive unless someone has treated or trained them violently. Arrest the parents.

  14. Kellie Burdick says:

    Not common at all they should do a autopsy to make sure that’s what happened a corner should be able to tell what caused death bet it was parents not these puppies

  15. Audra Lacey-Ehrlich says:

    My first thought was these puppies didn’t do this their to sweet young and big goofs. Someone needs to investigate the parents or whoever was watching this chat something fishes going on


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