Woman crawls across dangerously thin ice to save her dog

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Would you risk your life and crawl across thin ice to save your dog? No question about it, when a dog owner in Chingford, Essex, was seen crawling across melting ice at Connaught Water to rescue her pet. A woman, on a walk with her family witnessed the entire scary and very dangerous situation.woman crawls on ice 2

According to the Metro, the unnamed dog owner was spotted by Alice Wardill and her husband Peter and their son on January 27 when they had been out for a walk. Wardill often photographs nature on her walks, but this time was very different. The family heard a woman yell “No Freddie” as a dog dressed in a bright red sweater ran out into the melting ice when he soon fell in. And then they watched the woman get on her knees and crawl to rescue her dog.

“The dog was flailing around, but she pulled him by his collar and crawled back to safety,” stated Alice. “She was very brave and it was Freddie’s lucky day she got him so quickly. It was so cold he would have died if she hadn’t rescued him.”

By the time the fire department arrived, Freddie and the woman had already rushed back to their car and were gone.woman crawls on ice 3

As with any dangerous situation, authorities warn people about risking their own lives. Call emergency services, dial 911 and wait for professionals to help. While it is wonderful that this woman was able to save Freddie, the end results could have been tragic – for both of them. And another great reason – to keep your dog on a leash when out in the park.

What do you think?

(Photos of woman crawls across thin ice to save her dog screenshots via Alice Wardell and the Metro)

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11 replies
  1. SunWolf says:

    Horse leads are actually great for dogs if don’t like the short leash.We use them in wolf/wolfdog rescue when walking them.
    I would do the same in risking my life, no question
    Much respect to this lady????

  2. Darla says:

    It’s all well and good to call 911; however, in some instances, it’s been noted that 911 won’t come out for “just a dog” – I’ve read about it happening in the past but hopefully things have changed. I would probably do the same thing this woman did.

  3. Red says:

    Any true pet parent would risk their own safety to save their fur baby. HOWEVER, there comes a time you have to THINK AHEAD. Put your babies on a leash if you are not in a dog park, and somewhere that one wrong move could put them and or you in danger. It is soooo much better to be safe than sorry!.

  4. susispot says:

    I’d be out there in a second. It would take an army to hold me back. God smiled down this day on a lady that loves her dog.

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    Yes that would be me crawling out on that ice to get my dog. Hopefully though, mine would be on a leash and not able to go out on the ice and fall in. I so glad this woman was able to save her dog and didn’t fall in with him.


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