Man accused of attacking puppy with a pipe

Man accused of attacking young puppy with pipe for ‘punishment’

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An Ohio man is accused of cruelly “disciplining” a young puppy with a metal pipe. According to Thursday’s publication of Springfield News Sun, the alleged abuser has been identified as 24-year-old Malik T. Shaw of Springfield.

Shaw allegedly used a metal pipe to discipline his seven-week-old pit bull puppy, “Boosie,” because the pup had an accident in the home. Court records detail the alleged abuse ,”Mr. Shaw had struck the dog with a metal pipe and had tried to drown the dog as punishment for going to the bathroom in the house.” Boosie suffered a broken leg from the beating.

When Shaw was questioned about the abusive situation, he admitted that he may have “over disciplined it.” Shaw has been charged with cruelty to animals and he has pleaded not guilty to the charge. He is currently not in jail.

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29 replies
  1. Angela Corso says:

    WHAT! This IDIOT admits to beating this dog and he isn’t in jail??? I hope I’m not the only human that sees these abusive criminals as looking like drug addicts and sick individuals. All of these abusers look like low income and low class.

  2. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Ce monstre devrait être condamné sévèrement, que fait la justice ? Il devrait avoir les mêmes souffrances que celles qu’il a fait à se pauvre loulou, j’espère qu’il lui on interdit d’avoir des animaux à vie et qu’il lui on retiré le chien. Se n’est qu’une sous merde, un parasite qu’il faut retirer de la société.

  3. Francene Kilichowski says:

    Ignorant bastard. Knows not a damned thing about animals, development of “babies”, just shit for brains. And potential if not already – human abusers.
    The law needs to put a stop to people with such dangerous personality disorders.
    Tell me that the puppy has been confiscated!

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    He admitted he may have “over disciplined it.”? You think? A seven week old puppy, is too young to know not to go in the house. It’s called house training moron! I hope you are never allowed to be anywhere near a puppy or dog again, and he belongs in jail!

  5. kingalicious says:

    This is not a “man”. It is a criminal fucktard mutant of something from beyond degenerate and ugly. Anyone who can attack a vulnerable, innocent puppy with a pipe is UNFIT TO EXIST. Psychopaths do not have a conscious and wuill only continue to cause pain and suffering if left alive.

  6. willie hines says:

    He looks like a crack head maybe he treats his kids the same way most likely . I say lock him up befor he strikes again just a matter of time I can see it in his eyes. looooooooooser .

  7. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    He Needs to be in Prison!!!! He should NOT be allowed any where around an animal or any kids with this kind of temper. He will do it again!!!

  8. willie hines says:

    hope he didnt rape the dog his eyes, his eyes say it all . remember we dont forgive , we dont forget we are legion , expect us

  9. linda says:

    I read the article under the Springfield News Sun and it took the children of his girl friend to take this dog from harms way from this POS. Seriously what was his girl friend doing? Her own children took it upon themselves to help this dog. Kudos to them!!!


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