Viral video of cute calf inspires plea to spare him from slaughter

Calf being dried off after a snow storm
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A farmer in New Hampshire has been blown away by the response from a video which was posted to Facebook on February 9. The video, uploaded to the Yankee Farmers Market LLC Facebook page, has gone viral – with over 12 million views so far.

The video is of an undeniably cute Scottish Highland calf named “Pitcher Diego,” who is being warmed up after being born on a snowy day in Warner. The calf belongs to Brian Farmer, a rancher who is stunned by the response the video has drawn. Farmer, who is quoted in a CBS News article, has expressed his dismay over the public’s outcry following the video’s release, “I’m not sure how you get that much negativity out of a picture of a baby cow.”

The negative response is from people who do not want to see the fuzzy, cute calf slaughtered – Farmer has stated that this particular calf will be used for breeding, not for meat. But, Farmer wants the public to know that cows who live on his ranch are allowed to roam freely, and that they are raised “healthy and happy.” His ranch does not promote mass production and he believes in giving the animals on his farm the “best life possible.”

What do you think? Is it okay for advocates to fight for the life of a calf just because the calf is cute? Or should ranchers who support a humane lifestyle for their livestock be supported? Please comment below.

(Screenshot via Facebook video)

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  1. My husband and I have a vegetarian home, so we do not buy any meat products.

    The calf is adorable and I hope will have a long & happy life……

    We believe that if there are farmers who practice humane animal treatment, they absolutely should be supported.

    It would be wonderful if more people were vegetarian, but it’s really a personal choice and farmers who are humane with their animals are much better than factory farmers……

      • We ARE vegetarians!!!

        However we have family and friends who are meat eaters…… We would prefer they were vegetarian but believe everyone has a right to choose their own lifestyle.

        We also believe that animals should be treated as humanely as possible.

        In an ideal world, no one would eat mest. But that is not our current reality.

        Until that time, we all need to remember to respect each other. We all need to be able to work with others (who often have a different lifestyle and perspective than us)…….

  2. I believe that the animals should be treated kindly and humanely. Even if they do go to slaughter they still deserve to be treated kindly not abused as they are.

  3. What? For those of you who eat meat where do you think it comes from? And veal well guess what that’s baby cows! Wow talk about a bunch of hypocrites it’s ok until you see a cute baby cow? Give me a break! I don’t eat meat never have! How many of you making a big deal of this eat meat and to be more to the point eat veal or lamb? The outcry would be a little more believeable if the bullshit wasn’t so deep!

    • Kathleen at the risk of you getting upset with me. I had hoped farmers and slaughter houses would treat their animals humanely before their unfortunate demise. It was through educating myself about the horrific ways that they are treated(shocking at what I had seen and read) that there will never be an end to such horrors that I became a vegan…. It’s been 1 1/2 years. I have vegan friends who are very critical of “meat eaters”. I haven’t yet been critical of “meat eaters” only because I was one for many years. It would be an idyllic world if we were all were vegans.

  4. No es solo que la ternerita sea linda, de hecho es dulce y hermosa, como cualquier animal. Pero lo más importante que es un ser vivo, siente, respira, siente dolor, amor etc. No deberían ser nuestro alimento! ????

  5. “The best life possible”? Hmmmmmm. Wonder what that means. Breeding for what? To sell to other farmers for them to slaughter. Either way they’re not going to be someone’s pet.

  6. We also do not eat meat. Not eating meat is one of the best things we can do to slow down global warming. Animals raised for food contribute to our carbon foot print as much or more than vehicles. To paraphrase Linda McCartney, if slaughter houses had windows, the entire world would be vegetarian.

  7. I wish my body would agree with vegetarianism, but it just doesn’t. I was a veggie for two years…and that’s when I got CFS. But yes….I TOTALLY SUPPORT ranchers who are humane and free-range! ॐ ✌

  8. I believe this farmer to be truthful in his comments. After all, he has brought the calf in and not only dried him, he is warming him. People jump at the throats of anyone that does not live the life THEY demand we live. Lot’s of hostile folks out there. Each of us has our own journey to travel.


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