Special needs puppy born without an anus

Urgent – puppy born without anus may be put down without rescue help

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An urgent request has been issued for a death row puppy who was born without an anus. The puppy, a 10-week-old female pit bull, is at the Palmdale Animal Care Center in California and without the help of a rescue group, she will be humanely euthanized.

The pup, known only by her identification number A5043866, is “critically urgent” due to her deformity – sadly, she will require special assistance for the remainder of her life and it is believed that she will always be incontinent. If a rescue agency is willing and able to take on her special case, they will be looking at expenses for a major (and likely risky) surgery to help re-route the pup’s intestines.

Without the aid of a reputable rescue group, this puppy does not stand the chance of being saved. Please network the following information to help little #A5043866.

Petharbor link here.

Los Angeles County Animal Control – Palmdale at (661) 575-2888
Ask for information about animal ID number A5043866

Facebook thread here.

Palmdale Animal Care Center
38550 Sierra Highway, Palmdale, CA 93550
(661) 575-2888

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      • ellen cottone says:

        Its not inbreeding.
        Its a mutation.This is 20017. Were G.I people.Shes strong. She will survive.
        Its surgery time.

      • ellen cottone says:

        mutation is random and not due to interbreading. if it was it would go back to a spacific breed. then it would be a genitic reoccurance. but no this has more to do with an ingery during pregnancy, or overcrowded in th womb poor placement she was the little one and tangeled.
        She is an anomaly.

        A german shepard has hip dysplasia. That is an example of genitic inter /overbreeding of an 100years if inbreeding.
        You may be suprised to know the pit bull in a breed of dog that is only goes back about 30 years and except for agression due to enviorment has no genitic reocurring genitic problems.

        The cat you know was also a anomaly due to fetal placement. and perhapes a new too young inpregnant mother (at 6months instead of a year or better year and a half)

      • ellen cottone says:

        are you saying a stray /ferral cat who is living in the wild is living with out an anus becky. and you were able to come close to its anus?and make an internal medical dianosis!?
        are you batts becky?you little crazy you.
        Bla Bla blaaaa….

  1. ellen cottone says:

    Not enough medical infor mation .
    but i am sure she has an anus but its not functional. i believe she has constriction do to her placement in the womb she may have been alittle over crowed and it inhibbited develomment. i believe she has adhesians constricting her lower in testians. they can be cut released and will even expand the anus that she already has.she should be fine and no incontanance.
    this dog is a prize to the animal medical community she will make medical journals that will be studied around the world. she will help prefect medical proceedure.

    I hate to break the 3rd wall Miss Penny Elms
    But we here are concerned.
    Could you update us on her well being and location?
    Hoping she has found her delightful little gloved paws in the hands of a master gastro surgeon.


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