Update on ‘abandoned animals’ at Homestead, Florida, farm

The so-called 'abandoned animals' in Homestead
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On Saturday, NBC Miami published a video of animals which were supposedly abandoned on a farm in Homestead, Florida, as Hurricane Irma quickly approached. The video, initially viewed by thousands of people on Facebook after a passerby uploaded video of the concerning situation, led to a great deal of worry and outrage.

On Sunday, the Facebook page for Robert is Here Fruit Stand and Farm, posted photos of the farm animals and a statement that all were safe after Hurricane Irma passed by:

UPDATE: Our Emergency protocols were successful! All of our livestock are hale and hearty. While we had a couple of downed trees (upon which they are happily munching) their barns remain intact.

Prior to the good news about the animals being safe after the storm, the Facebook page for the farm addressed concerns over the welfare of the so-called “abandoned animals.”

We thank you all for your concerns. Robert has personally check on the livestock every 2 hours today and will continue to do so. Robert Is Here was not located in an evacuation zone, so the concern of storm surge is not valid.

Our animals were NEVER tied up and will never be tied up. The strap that was mentioned to have been used to tie up the goat was a tie down strap for a newly planted Rainbow Eucalyptus tree that broke in half, not a teather for a goat.

We have been a proud member of this community with this business for 57 years and have weathered many storms. We are so very thankful that this storm has shifted away from us, and we pray for the safety of everyone in its path.

More news and updates at the National Animal News Facebook page.

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  1. People need to learn to actually read the accompanying article before posting hysterical and outlandish claims. I doubt that will ever happen because THEY AREN’T READING THIS!!!!

    • Robert Is Here is one of the best run establishments that I have ever been to. It is a pleasure to be greeted by Robert himself when we pass through every Jan. on our way to Islamorada in the Keys. They are a kind and caring group of people and take great care of their business and their animals. So thankful and happy to hear that there wasn’t too much damage done there from Hurricane Irma. Hope to stop there again next year!!! Greetings from Kentucky

  2. I didn’t see the hooplah over the earlier posts about this place. But I can feel the concern for their animals in this article. Like noted above, people don’t read beyond a headline. Nice if they would actually read these articles. I spend a lot of time reading them all. They are VERY INFORMATIVE.


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