Senior dogs cry and search for family after being surrendered to shelter

Senior dogs cry for their owner
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How does one explain to a dog that their family is never coming back? Three dogs who were just surrendered to the Chicago Animal Care and Control agency in Illinois are confused and upset that they are no longer with the people they love.

One of the dogs, an 11-year-old female named “Mancha,” is so distraught that she spends her time crying and searching for her family. A volunteer wrote the following information about the lonely senior dog, whose family acknowledged that she has issues with “loneliness.”

Mancha did seem very sad and confused about where her family was at. She was constantly looking for them when we had her outside and would pace back and forth and come up to us and just cry. She is a very sweet dog that is very easy to handle, I am sure she just misses her family.

Mancha was surrendered with two other senior dogs who are believed to be her parents – the dogs, Troy (13) and Tana (12) are likely just as upset and confused as Mancha.

Please help share the rescue information for these senior dogs – they have been designed to go to approved rescue groups only.


MANCHA A167676 I Spayed Female I 11yrs I B94
*Came in with Troy A167674 & Tana A167677

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  1. Heartbreaking that these 3 lost their home. Please someone help them, they’re so confused and sad. How do people have dogs for 11, 12 or 13 years and just dump them. I can’t comprehend doing something like this. Mine two are family and they are with me until the end.

  2. What a beautiful dog….what kind of people do this to their pets…..have them for so long & then take them to a shelter …..I have those people can’t sleep for doing this to see senior pups……I pray they find a more love me…..and it he forever.

  3. SHARED. I believe senior dogs rock, ALL dogs rock! I learned a lot from mine. This lil one doesn’t need and shouldn’t be there but in a home with real love and loyalty to the last day. It’s always to quit on something in life for all the excuses but it takes a real human to follow through. I pray an senior dog home will rescue her. There is one in WA and I believe one in Tennessee.

  4. What ti irritates me it is bad enough that they’ve been left behind so why make it worse by HAVING THEM IN SEPARATE CAGES!? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY THEY CAN’T BE TOGETHER.

  5. These dogs are gorgeous. What is wrong with people that they could give up these dogs after so many years? Don’t they have love and compassion? The dogs do, and are missing their owners who evidently don’t miss them. There has to be some rescue groups out there that can take several older dogs, and find someone that will love them for the rest of their lives.

  6. It has now become epidemic, senior pets being left at shelters! They dont understand what is happening! For some of these seniors they are suffering from sundowning which makes the betrayal by the family they loved even worse! Its really very simple dont get a pet if all your going to do is abandon that pet at a shelter or even worse in the streets when that pet gets old! You are responsible for that pet and their well being for the life of that pet!

  7. Crying again! Crying for ALL the precious beautiful souls who are dumped to be killed with out a second thought,without hesitation,just like trash! Mancha is a STUNNING dog and how I wish she was mine,just can’t afford vet care for a fourth fur baby! It is a FACT that pet owners who commit this cruelty do not love their pet nor have they ever loved them! There is no circumstance in existance that would ever part me from my pets! And if A person can’t avoid surrendering a pet then they should get off their lazy asses and do the work to get them into a RESCUE or diligently work to re-home them into a safe and loving home! Abandoning a pet at a kill shelter is a unforgivable act! Praying for Mancha and her buddies! SO IMMORAL,SO WRONG AND SO UTTERLY SAD

  8. What the hell is wrong with people that they can just disregard their animals like this and not look back. What assholes. Please please , angels in that area are needed to help these seniors out. What about frosted faces. I will message them about them.


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