Fort Calhoun man banned from owning pets after dog dies when left out in subzero weather

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A Fort Calhoun, Nebraska man, whose emaciated dog died after it was left in subzero temperatures with wind chills to match, has been banned from owning or caring for any pets for the next five years. According to the Pilot-Tribune & Enterprise, Jason Franke. 42, pleaded no contest in May to intentional animal cruelty – a Class 1 misdemeanor, after a plea deal. In addition, Judge John E. Samson sentenced Franke to 18 months probation, a $1,000 fine and ordered him to serve 250 hours of community service at an animal shelter.

Washington County Attorney Scott Vander Schaff asked the judge to sentence Franke to jail.

“He believes the trigger is he didn’t come home on a snowy night. This happened over a period of time,” Schaff argued at the Washington County District Court on Tuesday.

In January, Franke was charged with animal cruelty and neglect resulting in the death of one of his dogs. Washington County Sheriff Department deputies were called by a neighbor in reference to an animal cruelty report. Upon their arrival, authorities found the dog, named Daisy deceased and another dog running around in the yard. The temperatures had been recorded in the single digits with wind chill factors below zero; neither dog had access to any shelter, food or water. The deceased dog was described as a large dog with short, gray fur. Although the neighbor tried to feed the dogs, the dog that died appeared “sickly.

All that could be found to protect the dogs from the inclement weather at the property located on County Road 28 was an outbuilding that had a hole in it. The small dog that survived was able to squeeze into the protected area, however the big dog couldn’t fit and was left out in the brutal weather – both malnourished and freezing to death.

Franke apologized to the judge stating he made a huge mistake and wished he could bring Daisy back – doesn’t happen Franke, and Daisy’s life ended because of your neglect and abuse. Rest in peace Daisy.

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  1. What a joke. That judge needs to be removed from the bench. You think that guy will learn. Maybe someone should lock that judge out in sub zero weather for a night or 2. What an ass. As for the ignorant fucking bastard that killed his dog, he needs to be locked up or locked outside

  2. Here we go again!! A “non-punishment” being handed down for causing HORRIFIC SLOW TORTURE resulting in death of an innocent! This POS deserves more than a prison sentence….he deserves to slow starve and freeze to death! SMH I can only pray that someday something horrific invades his very being!

  3. This man should be banned having pets forever, not for just 5 years. The other dog that survived should be removed from his home. He didn’t provide proper shelter for his dogs and he was not even feeding them either. He doesn’t deserve to have pets. The level of stupidity of some people just takes my breathe away. And if he’s not stupid, then he’s a heartless POS that should be disposed of like garbage.

  4. This fool should NEVER be allowed to own a pet again. I doubt he has learned anything from this and doesn’t need to kill anymore dogs!

  5. 5 years and a hand slap? What pathetic POS both the dog owner and the incompetent judge. I’m so sick of these heartless men that just can’t imagine what it must of been like for poor Daisy suffering to death to no avail, no help, no human kindness and no hero in reach for her. Poor baby, I hope she flys free from all these bastards that gave to shits about her precious life and I also hope the men that let her down, die a slow painful death and are haunted of her tragic ending every minute of the day till the end!

  6. My expression of disappointment, sent to the jurist responsible for this miscarriage of justice:

    to: [email protected]

    subject:RE: Hon. John E. Sampson’s disappointing sentencing…

    Please forward my expression of disappointment with his decision/sentencing in this particular matter:

    This individual confessed to the most heinous of companion animal abuses – slow starvation through deprivation and the subsequent, excruciating agony from freezing-to-death – and yet received a plea-bargain that consisted of a paltry fine, NO incarceration, and community service at an animal shelter? He should have been banned-for-life from the privilege of ANY companion animal ownership… and until such time as jurists begin to enforce animal cruelty prosecutions and commence applying sentences-of-consequence, these unspeakable acts of cruelty will continue.

    Yet another disappointing case of the utter failure to protect these precious souls from their worst enemy – “man-kind” (the quintessential oxymoron, if ever there was!).


  7. 18 months probation and $1,000 fine. Really? Why didn’t you just pat him on the back judge and tell him thank you for whittling down the dog population!!!!! REALLY ARE YOU NUTS? Even the County Attorney asked you to PUT HIM IN JAIL…what the heck is wrong with you Judge??!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  8. He starved her , then left her to freeze to death and this is a MISDEMEANOR? How is this not a felony in that state? WTH! and come on, he should never own dogs again and should do jail time..what’s this community service b/s….he killed his dog damn it!


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