This sad senior dog’s story will break your heart

Sad senior dog has heartbreaking story
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A senior dog, being held at an animal shelter in North Carolina, has a sad story that will break your heart. The elderly Mastiff was surrendered to the Wayne County Animal Adoption and Education Center in Goldsboro by her owner – also surrendered was this senior dog’s life-long canine companion.

Someone touched by the dog’s sad plight has created a Facebook post to help find someone to help – the post reads:

Such a sad story, this female senior mastiff is in a kill shelter in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Her male lifelong partner was adopted so she sits alone to die. Both were brought in and surrendered by the owner. Here I am again asking for help but I just saw these two today and just had to get their pictures to send out .”

Fortunately, in the happiest of updates – not long after the compassionate post on behalf of this senior dog was made, a heartwarming update came along. This senior dog has found a new home! 

Networking saves lives.

Facebook thread here.

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  1. It’s good to hear that the senior dog has found a home. BUT, these 2 dogs will never feel completely attached to another human. They will always long for each other. Why do people do these things????

    • I have adopted almost all of my dogs as adults, including my mastiffs, and several as seniors. It might take a little while, but they do form new bonds. It is too bad the pair was seperated but better to be apart than to be put to sleep.

  2. Perhaps( I am hearing impaired) someone can call the shelter and ask them to hook up the 2 new owners, so that these doggies can get together occasionally?


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