Moose is out of time

Nobody wants Moose – sweet boy is out of time

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On Friday, heartbreaking words about a sweet, homeless dog were shared to Facebook…”Nobody wants Moose.” Moose, a mixed breed dog, is being held at a South Texas Shelter Near Corpus Christi – he is described as “so sweet and nice. Just a big ole mush.”

Moose’s good personality, and repeated social media postings, have not been enough to help him find a home – now, he is out of time. The Nueces County, Tx: Dogs In Need of Rescue Facebook page stated:

But no one has called for sweet Moose and he is OUT OF TIME!
This is a Hail Mary for Moose

If nobody helps Moose, he will quietly be led to a room where his life will be prematurely ended – and Moose, who has done nothing to deserve the fatal fate, has no control over that terrible end.

Please share Moose’s information – you might be the one to save his life.

Facebook page here. 

Kennel 5
South Texas Shelter Near Corpus Christi

FMI call or text 979-595-8356

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16 replies
  1. Star Shelley says:

    Sann or believe no one is sharing this poor soul, send ing my prayers and love for a miracle . His life matters

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Am sharing in New York, don’t know what good it will do but that is all I can do from here. Poor baby, I wish I had unlimited resources to save all the “Mooses”!

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    PLEASE some kind Texan take advantage of Moose’s wonderful demeanor and save him – he deserves a safe loving home. Shelters in this state are way too quick to kill healthy adoptable animals – Moose deserves a chance – please give him one.


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