Man accused of killing dog and neighbor over dog poop

Dog and man dead after ‘dog poop’ altercation

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A Georgia man is facing murder charges after an altercation over dog poop turned deadly. According to WYFF News, 46-year-old Larry Russell Bates allegedly shot and killed his neighbor, 44-year-old Paul Allen Wilson, and one of the Wilson family’s dogs, early Sunday morning.

Bates was said to be “obsessed” over dog poop being left on his yard. The victim’s wife, Beth, has stated that Bates had been harassing them for months about dog poop in his yard, but she denies that her family’s dogs were allowed to defecate on the man’s property.

Wilson had just gotten home from work and was walking two dogs when things turned deadly – Wilson was shot in the torso and head, a dog named “Scooter,” suffered fatal gunshot wounds as well. On a GoFundMe account established after the shooting, a statement from the family is posted – it reads in part:

The neighbor thought Paul’s dogs were using the restroom in his yard and he wasn’t picking it up. He would wait and watch for Paul’s nightly walks with his dogs. After multiple confrontations, Paul even tried to settle the situation by offering to pick up any dog waste that was being left behind. There were several months of harrassment and seven separate police calls made about this neighbor by Beth and Paul to the local police department. It wasn’t enough.

The accused shooter is facing a charge of murder and animal cruelty – he was booked into the Barrow County Detention Center.

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11 replies
  1. Cynthia Como says:

    WOW! Such depravity! I hope this dangerous asshole NEVER see the light of day ever again! Prayers to the family

  2. Linda Szymoniak says:

    This monster should spend the rest of his life in prison. He should also be given a job. Cleaning the runs of dogs at the local shelter – not having any contact with the dogs, but having to pick up ALL their poop for the duration of his sentence. He’ll know what dog poop can really be! RIP to the victim and his dog, and prayers for his family.

  3. Nancy Raymond says:

    Russell Bates has proven himself to be a callous murderer whose obsession with dog poop perpetrated the murder of a human and a dog – stick his butt in prison and let him become the victim of some predatory inmates who will take full advantage of him.

  4. Sherry says:

    This man is EXCREMENT; the dog had the right idea IF he even pooped on his lawn. The man sounds like a neurotic, obsession sociopath. Sorry for his outrageous overkill reaction . Sorry to this poor man and his dog and their family left behind. NUTCASE

  5. Kelly says:

    This is tragic for the dog. But hilarious at how stupid humans can be. Don’t shoot your neighbours for anything it’s wrong. Secondly pick up your dog droppings, it’s not fucking hard even for lazy people. The gunner should have just tossed the pooh at the dog owners house.. both were/are dumbasses.


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