No justice for Journey – tragic outcome for neglected dog

Tragic outcome for neglected dog
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There is no justice for a horribly neglected dog named “Journey.” The ailing dog was rescued this week from a home in Easley, South Carolina,  and his condition was quite obviously, pitiful.

His name is Journey and his life mattersThe full extent of Journey’s maladies was brought to light when he was taken to a veterinarian for an exam…it was revealed that Journey was suffering from ailments brought on by long-term neglect. The exam showed that Journey was stricken with severe heartworms, as well as the following conditions:

• severe abdominal distension
• soft testicle
• fleas
• emaciated, poor body condition
• pyoderma
• worn teeth
• abscess right mandibular lip
• Positive ortalani – cannot rule out contribution from nutrition

The veterinarian determined that the only thing which could be done to ease Journey’s suffering was to humanely end his life. On February 16, Journey was released from the pain which had defined his sorrowful existence.

Nobody, however, will be held accountable for the blatant neglect which made death Journey’s only option. According to Carmen Klapper, whose rescue took Journey under its wing, the Anderson County animal control officer visited Journey’s former owner and the only citation the man received was for not having rabies vaccinations on his dogs.

Klapper is outraged, heartbroken, and disgusted that Journey’s life (and years of suffering) apparently do not matter to the local officials. She has requested that emails be sent to Officer McQueen at by animal lovers who are equally outraged over this situation.

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(Photo via Carmen Klapper FB)


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  1. And why is it that no one will be held accountable? Until they start holding people responsible for the lack of care they are giving their pets the mistreatment of pets will continue. Until these POS owners understand there are consequences for NOT taking care of their pets, this neglect will continue! This is getting beyond ridiculous that people can allow their pets to suffer and not be held responsible! I’m so sorry Journey, your life meant something to those who tried to help you, I’m just sorry it was too late!

  2. To not prosecute this piece of garbage is an insult to every person who loves animals! Journey lived a life of hurt and pain! Only to end up being rescued to late! Good nite little one! Though your life on this world was full of pain and fear in the end you knew love! You are now young and whole and running with new friends! The sun warms you as you drink cool clear plentiful water and always plenty of food! Good nite Journey!

  3. Petition! That’s just not right! What kind of message is that sending? Is it OK to neglect a living creature? For such a long time too? Journey deserves a voice!

  4. This is beyond belief that person is not being held accountable! Also sounds like he has more dogs !!? How are they not much better I fear!

  5. Nothing will change for all of these precious lives who have been abused and neglected by these freaking maggots. Bastard should have been arrested. These precious lives are more important to me than these freaking sorry ass excuse for human beings. RIP Journey, I’m so very sorry. Tears….????????❤

  6. It is getting more and more difficult, for me, to not HATE! I have always been, or tried to be kind, understanding and patient with people. Not anymore! I cannot and will not ever UNDERSTAND WHY, it is, that our LAWS ARE WORTHLESS, WHEN IT COMES TO ANIMAL CRUELTY! It is not taken SERIOUSLY ENOUGH! WHY? because pets are NOT CONSIDERED FAMILY, BUT…NOTHING MORE THAN PROPERTY! Now, pray tell, do people ever cry, when someone destroys their washing machine, their TV, their automobiles (maybe some do, who only care about possessions)??? Many of us, when our pets are killed, die of medical problems, some that we don’t even know die from neglect or abuse, we cry, we are in pain knowing how those innocent creatures suffered and died and NOTHING IS DONE TOWARDS THE ABUSERS????? If I saw anyone in front of me, hurt an animal, I would hurt them and yes…I would probably end up being killed too! Whose fault would that really be, I ask you? The fault of POLITICOS WHO CARE NOTHING TO CHANGE THE WORTHLESS ANIMAL CRUELTY LAWS IN THE USA!!!!!

  7. Run free at the Rainbow Bridge, sweet Journey. I’m so very sorry that your life was so terrible and that you didn’t get to enjoy the new life you so deserved. You were loved not only by those that rescued you and tried to save your life, but thousands of people that never met you. You will never be forgotten.

    • I can not say how l feel my tears won,t stop long enough..As l sit with my babies all around me…l feel blessed just to have them in my life. How can. People.. hurt them like they do? I know l will hold them tight tonight and let them again know what they mean to me and how l love.

  8. Oh no! I was so hoping that he’d make it ;(. Everyone please take the time to write those letters as suggested so we can possibly make a difference in the outcome of what happens with his pitiful , neglectful owner!

  9. That is BULLSHIT!!! The owner needs to be charged with this atrocity. There should be charges for him and the abuse that he inflicted on this poor baby.

  10. The owner(s) SHOULD BE IN JAIL!! Minimum of 5 years and $100,000 fine to go to shelters!! WHY do judges REFUSE TO STAND UP FOR MISTREATED ANIMALS? W H Y?????

  11. How could anybody watch their pet die a slow death like this and do nothing, your familys day will come you can count on it. rip journey who had no life only pain sorry.

  12. THIS IS MY E-MAIL TO THE ‘officer’ !
    Officer McQueen,

    This e-mail addresses a situation you were directly involved in and includes my PERSONAL response and reaction to your ACTIONS, or lack thereof!

    There once was a dog named JOURNEY who used to live (exist would be more accurate!) in Easley, South Carolina, a part of your area of responsibility.

    You are well aware of the action(s), or lack of, that you took regarding the care of this abused animal!

    When checked out by a veterinarian is was discovered that JOURNEY was stricken with severe heartworms, as well as the following conditions:

    • severe abdominal distension
    • soft testicle
    • fleas
    • emaciated, poor body condition
    • pyoderma
    • worn teeth
    • abscess right mandibular lip
    • Positive ortalani – cannot rule out contribution from nutrition

    SADLY, and with no thanks to you actions you ‘performed, JOURNEY had to be euthanized due to the extremely poor health he was in because of blatant neglect which made death JOURNEY’s only option!

    Nobody is being held accountable for the blatant neglect which made death JOURNEY ’s only option. According to the rescue that took JOURNEY under its wing, the Anderson County animal control officer visited JOURNEY ’s former owner(‘caregiver’?!) and the only citation the man received was for not having rabies vaccinations on his dogs.

    JOURNEY’s ‘supposed caregiver’ ONLY RECEIVED A CITATION for not having rabies vaccinations on his dogs!

    DAMNED PATHETIC RESPONSE by a person who is supposed to enforce the law, even as it relates to domesticated animals!


    • Severe halitosis secondary to a puncture wound with significant cellulitis in the right mandibular lip.
    • All of the incisors are worn to the gum line. The mandibular canines have been cut or worn down to the gingiva as well.
    • The maxillary canines are eroded on the caudal surface
    • Light pink mucus membranes
    Integument: • dorsal alopecia
    • pyoderma
    • fleas
    • cellulitis/edema over the right ischium.
    • Pitting edema noted over the pelvis extending down both hind limbs.
    Musculo-skeletal: severe muscle atropy, emaciated. Positive ortalani bilaterally
    Cardiovascular: • Bounding jugular pulses
    • Grade 3/6 heart murmur, no pulse deficits or arrhythmia noted.
    Respiratory: no coughing, but tachypneic, no increase in respiratory effort.
    GI Tract/Abdomen: • severe abdominal distension
    • positive ballotment
    Rectal: no external masses

    BTW, as a reminder here is a picture of the victim/subject, aka JOURNEY, of my communication:

  13. We need to be a voice for animals and fur babies like Journey! The pieces of crap that neglect these animals should be made to endure the same suffering! When a person does this to an innocent creature that only wants to be loved and taken care of, it is only a matter of time until they do this to people. Let’s stop the cruelty and hold the people accountable. Help get Justice for Journey!!!

  14. This is extremely heartbreaking, wrong, and unjust! Angel Journey, I am so sorry humanity failed you in your life and also in your death. You did not receive your deserved justice for the horrific abuse and agonizing pain you suffered. I wish they would have tried harder to give this poor innocent dog a chance at life with more medical care to save him. Angel Journey, you did not deserve the horrible mistreatment, profound neglect and despicable abuse you suffered. Rest in Heavenly Peace, Precious Pup, you are now in the tender loving care of Jesus. I am praying that some how you will receive your deserved justice and the evil monsters that abused, neglected and mistreated you will be severely punished! RIP BABY, YOU ARE LOVED AND YOU WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN. ????????????

  15. See, this kinda shit right here pisses me the f- – k off…. the owner wasnt held responsible for this dog… this is bullshit. Do you know how long this poor dog suffered in his condition…. this is sickening. If this was a child, things would be so different. This owner took on the responsibility of careing for this dog when, he took it home . Just like adopting a kid… its your obligation to care for it and, anything less your held responsable… this is sooo sad… i hate reading and, seeing this shit because nothing is ever done to the abuser and the animal hardly ever comes out of it with a happy ending. Im done….

  16. Journey is only better of cause there was ni possible way to help all the ailments. . But the years of complete neglect and unbearable suffering in loneliness up to recently.. personally as the only outcome here was death and probably a friendly citation and the evil monster us good to find another innocent victim ti torture – i wish he got his brain beaten in.. one less scum on earth

  17. This is the email I’M sending. Feel free to copy, or paraphrase.

    Dear Mr. McQueen:

    I was HORRIFIED to learn that the neglect and abuse that the poor dog dubbed “Journey”, which was rescued by Carmen Klapper, will receive NO JUSTICE. I’ve seen the photos of him and the fact that someone would let him get into that condition, a condition for which there was NO REMEDY other than euthanasia, is UNCONSCIONABLE! And the only penalty that the owner incurred was a citation for not having rabies vaccinations? Are you aware that the FBI has now made animal abuse a FELONY? How DARE you NOT throw the book at this poor dog’s owner(s)? I, and other dog lovers, plan on making a LOT of NOISE about this.

    Most Sincerely,

  18. Breaks my heart. Why get a pet if you don’t intend to care for it. The greatest love is to surrender an animal to a rescue group when you realize how ill they’ve become. It hurts to say goodbye but for God sake give your lived one a chance at health. RIP sweet Journey – my dogs Kula, Charka & GirlFriend will meet you <3

  19. South Carolina best wake up – this is a prime example of states, counties and animal control facilities who look the other way when an animal is in severe danger as Journey was and NOTHING was done until it was too late. Giving these piss poor examples of owners a citation by animal control so disturbing and inadequate for what these people did or did not do makes me furious – Journey deserved MUCH better. Anderson County Animal Control must find their officers under a rock.

  20. This kind of horrible treatment is just disgusting and the person who did this should be arrested and spend major time in jail. If they didn’t want to take proper care of him..then let someone who would love and take care of him take him.

  21. Being an Animal Control Officer in NJ it is so hard to believe people just leave the dogs with no cares as to their well being! Such an atrocity! So sad! RIP sweet angel!

  22. I HATE people like that…..makes me sick to my stomach…..jail the owner & kick the law enforcement (?) people out of office. disgusting a**holes

  23. It is a paling that with all the evidence you got from the veterinary the owners were not criminally charged.
    The officer that visited the home should be fired for not doing his job correctly. The judicial system of that state, the agencies responsible for protecting animals and enforce the law and the state government are part of the problem.
    Vague laws do not help anyone but the criminals and it’s lawyers. And irresponsable agencies employees that look the other way and do not do their job should be processed as accomplices of the crime.
    Do not stay silent, you are these animals voice!!!

  24. The police officer responsible for enforcing the law, is a total failure and should either resign . or be removed from his position of power and be removed from the police force completely, journey suffered years of neglect and abuse ,never knew what it was like to be cared for or loved , the scum who is supposed to be a human being is a nothing I would be very happy if he met a grisly death where he had to suffer just as poor Journey suffered, he is not worth spitting on , Journey I am sorry you were not cared for or loved , Rest In Peace dear boy sleep without pain now safe in the arms of angels up above God Bless you dear boy .


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