Family searches for answers after beloved dog is shot

A plea for answers after family’s beloved dog is shot and killed

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A family in Sylva, North Carolina, is searching for answers after their beloved dog was shot and killed near their home. The Yorkipoo, named “Fiona,” lived with the Baxter family, and earlier this week, someone cruelly ended her life.

Jeff Baxter went to Facebook with a public plea for help – he wrote:

Sometime between 5 p.m .Monday and 9 p.m. Tuesday our sweet Fiona was shot and killed on our land beside our house. We live off Greens Creek toward the top of Brooks Branch road in a usually peaceful neighborhood. We have an open case with the sheriff’s office and we are looking for information.

Fiona isn’t the only victim of animal cruelty; Baxter explained:

As it turns out this has happened before in our subdivision to two other dogs, this needs to stop before someone else has to deal with this pain. Please share. Even if you cannot help directly yourself, sharing may get this to someone who knows something.

The family has offered a $500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible for this case of animal cruelty. Anyone who has information about this case is asked to email:

(Family photo)

National Dog News on Facebook here.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    It sounds like it is open season on pets in this neighborhood. I would think they would have some idea who is doing this, Someone must have been complaining about pets barking or running loose, etc. I hope they get to the bottom of this and people in the neighborhood had better be vigilant watching their dogs.

  2. texag572015 says:

    Sneaky piece of crap, if caught, needs to be sent to the toughest prison, and forced to wear a patch that shows what a coward he is. I’ll bet there are some dog lovers in every prison who would settle his hash.

    • Donna Rodriguez says:

      The only punishment this owner got was a fine for not updateing the dogs licence…. can you believe this shit ? I keep telling myself and, others that the laws have to change on animal abuse , neglect and torture. I mean, one can beat up a vehicle or damage a house and youd go to jail for vandalism and do up to 6 jail and these are material objects. And, abuse even tortureing an animal gets thrown out of court or a petty ass fine. Can somebody please tell me why ? Why, are animals considered as nothing ? When, we have animals as police dogs, we have military dogs, we have dogs to help the sick and blind ect. We have dogs that guard our homes, dogs that sniff out drugs, bombs and even have dogs that can find people barried under snow. So, why is it that the courts concider dogs more or less a piece of shit ? What can change this law ?

      • mike says:

        Donna I think you’re confusing 2 stories into one. This headline story is about family’s dog being shot.

  3. Kathleen Drude says:

    This is beyond disgusting! This is a thing who thinks it’s funny to shoot and kill people’s pets! First off how is it the owners have no clue what happened to their little one? This little dog had no business being outside by herself! Second usually this is kids! I’ll call a curse down on the heads of the thing or things that were involved! The way this little one suffered and died will be the way you and yours will suffer as well!

      • susispot says:

        28 HOURS!! Early evening Monday to late evening on Tuesday. Unless they meant AM Tuesday that is still a long time to have your dog unaccounted for. Poor little dog.

  4. maxiemom says:

    Someone in the neighborhood knows who did this, and there are others who certainly have a very good idea who is probably responsible. They need to speak up now. It is inexcusable that people could live alongside things capable of such cruelty and keep silent about it. I hope they find this POS and lock him up for the maximum amount of time possible, and that his roomie is an animal lover. Then it will become a life sentence.

  5. pennysdachshund says:

    Living In Wyoming the law here is if your dog is not on your property. IT IS open season on them… the law reads that if a person feels threatened ,livestock, or property in danger, ANY dog on that property CAN/WILL be shot without any reprocussions…Many have tried to get the law changed and can’t BEACUSE of the Ranchers/ Farmers… like a toy poodle is going to tear someone’s leg off… Bullshit!!!

  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    Absolutely someone knows who did this and I hope the Baxter family has notified the media so this hunk of sewer slime can be caught. Fiona deserves justice and most likely authorities will do little to nothing since animal cruelty is taken as seriously as littering SO I do hope that someone steps up and gives this maggot the punishment they so well deserve.

  7. RED says:

    This is horrible…. what a precious little dog. My question is this. If this is something going on in your neighborhood…. WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU LET YOU FUR BABY ROAM AROUND!?!?!? I know people who live in the country think it is fine to let their animals roam. However, if you truly love them, you keep them close and keep your eye on them and then MONSTERS can not hurt or kill them.
    Just my opinion.


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