Puppy left paralyzed after being shot

Innocent puppy paralyzed after someone shot her

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An innocent puppy, left to try and fend for herself in a scary and often overwhelming world, was shot by someone. The pup, dubbed “Grace,” has been left paralyzed by the cruel act and thanks to the devastating injury, her life will never be the same.

Grace is no longer in harm’s way – she is no longer wondering where she will sleep, or where her next meal will come from, but she is forever impacted by the cruelty of a stranger. On February 11, the rescue group, Angel’s Hope, wrote about innocent Grace:

Today has been the toughest day I’ve had since starting Angel’s Hope. It was a long day with so many thoughts to share and maybe I’ll be able to over the next few days. Right now, I’m exhausted and feeling defeated.

Grace is barely three months old and she was shot. She has pneumonia. She’ll have surgery tomorrow, but most likely she’ll be paralyzed for the rest of her life. She’ll need a home without stairs. She’ll need to have her bladder expressed. She’ll need a cart. Will there be a family that will welcome her home? Will anyone have the love and patience she’ll need?

16602765_1264688326902087_7004144945529151906_nOn Saturday, Grace was transported to vet specialists in Matthews, North Carolina and she underwent surgery on Sunday. The vet was able to remove the fragmented bullet and also bone that was shattered due to the fracture. The rescue group was hopeful that the surgery would restore Grace’s mobility, but it appears that she will require a cart to move around for the rest of her life.

The rescue agency which has taken Grace under its will is trying to raise funds to help with her ongoing care.  Donations will be used for her surgery, hospitalization, ongoing veterinary care, a cart, and other supplies to help her manage her life. Please click here to learn more aboutpet how you can help.

(Photos via Angel’s Hope)

Facebook page for the rescue agency here.


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19 replies
  1. Kathleen Drude says:

    This is a dispicable act! One caused by a coward who had to pick on a little puppy! Karma will catch up with this thing!

  2. Star Shelley says:

    My heart broke hearing this, why would anybody shoot a baby. Lord why. I hope who ever did this has nightmares. for the rest of his or her low evil life. Prayers for a good recovery for this pup.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    I can’t fathom how anyone can shoot a 3 month old puppy like this. Whoever did this is a monster and deserves the worst that life has to offer. Prayers for this precious pup. Prayers for Angel’s Hope as they try to help little Grace.

  4. Joyce Dutrisac says:

    Many tears over the evil despicable act done to Grace. It just kills me what kind of a cruel world we live in:((((
    What a beautiful face on this angel

  5. Diane says:

    What a shame she is really cute I am really happy that she is safe and she got help I hope this scumbags goes to jail forever and some one kills that

  6. Meghan says:

    Why are they not being put in prison? You shot a person, you go to prison… so it is okay because it is a dog? horrible, sad. We ALL HAVE RIGHTS AND FEELINGS


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