Hugging dog homeless after fire

Hugging dog left homeless after fire

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A dog, known best for her endearing hugs, has been left homeless after a fire destroyed her owner’s apartment in Chelsea, New York. The golden retriever, Louboutina, was out with her owner on Christmas day when the fire swept through the apartment. A fundraiser, established to help the “hugging dog’s” owner get back on his feet, explained:

Shortly after Cesar and Louboutina went for a walk on Christmas afternoon, their neighbor’s apartment caught on fire and completely engulfed their apartment in flames.

According to the New York Post, an unattended candle at a neighbor’s apartment was behind the devastating Christmas Day blaze. On the hugging dog’s popular Instagram account (louboutinanyc), owner Cesar Fernandez-Chavez wrote:

We lost everything today but we are safe. We will always try to bring a smile to our page, but this time we need your hugs and prayers. Thank you! Cesar & Loubie

Donations for Loubie and Cesar have been pouring in – just one day after the blaze, over $40,000 in donations had been made. Click here to find the fundraiser. Find Loubie’s popular Instagram account here.

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  1. linda says:

    Shame on the neighbor’s ignorance and carelessness and as a result they caused everyone to be without a roof over their heads. POS’s neighbors!!!!!!! I always have a fear of my neighbors causing a fire which did occur a year ago..I was home and smelled smoke. I heard her running down the stairs and looked out my window she threw a burning trash barrel to throw out the back door. Not a smart move!


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