Young boy surprised with puppy for Christmas heart melting

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A young boy in Memphis, Tennessee was surprised with a puppy for Christmas – the story is heart melting and so appropriate for December 25. Yes, the presents have been unwrapped and the sumptuous feasts piled high on the dining room tables, but for nine-year-old Tristen Perez, the gift that keeps giving has been named Bailey.

Just in case you have already guessed from the headline, a yellow Labrador retriever puppy named Bailey is just perfect. In August the family lost their beloved dog named Aspen – both the youngsters Tristen and Tanner, 5, were absolutely heartbroken.

“We started thinking about the timing of a puppy and thought, ‘Well maybe around Christmas,” Gretchen Perez told AbcNews during an interview. “So we wrapped up a box, put it on the doorstep and rang the bell. It was supposed to be a sweet little surprise after school.”

Tristen’s video went viral; the little boy’s reaction has been shared more than 13 million times after it was posted on Mid South Puppies who gave the family the puppy. Genny and David House, who own the organization stated:

“Bailey’s meeting with the boys is the most rewarding part of my job.”

Bailey is reported to be doing great, and so are we for seeing the amazing bonds with our four-legged friends.

Check out the video of the young boy surprised with a puppy for Christmas.


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