Social media attention showing Staten Island man abusing dog leads to pup’s rescue

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In Staten Island, New York, a viral video showing a dog being repeatedly beaten, lead to the arrest of the dog’s owner on Saturday night.

According to the SiLive, New Dorp resident, Mark Katchusky has been charged with animal cruelty including torturing, injuring and failing to feed an animal. The disturbing video appeared on Facebook and showed the alleged identified person repeatedly hitting the dog in the face.

As so often happens on social media, angry area residents posted on Facebook they knew where the dog owner lived and had planned to help authorities rescue the dog. New York Bully Crew and Pitbulls and Addicts tracked down the location and rescued the young dog named Mia. She has been turned over to the No More Pain Rescue:

“MIA IS NOW SAFE WITH US!! Thanks to New York Bully Crew and Pitbulls and Addicts, we were all able to come together and help make this rescue an easy one. Mia will never be abused again!!,” the group posted on their Facebook.

Credit for Mia’s rescue has been aimed at the “firestorm” of outrage as the news of Mia’s mistreatment garnered attention on social media. Michael Favor, the founder of Pitbulls and Addicts drove to Katchusky’s home and found the man supposedly out of control and drunk. At some time during the conversation, Katchusky surrendered the dog.

A police report followed. The dog has been taken to a veterinarian to undergo a complete physical exam; after Mia has been returned to the rescue.

It is hoped authorities prosecute the owner and have this serve as an example that animal cruelty will and cannot be tolerated. Many thanks to all of the people involved helping to save an innocent dog from abuse.

(Photos screenshots via NY Bully Crew, No More Pain Rescue and Pitbulls and Addicts)

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5 replies
  1. Ann Dolak says:

    Thank God Mia was Rescued!I had an ex who did this & he wasnt drunk!Poor furbabies.Thanks to all who help get this sorry asshat & confiscate the dog.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    If there is a God this human maggot named Mark Katchusky will drink his useless ass to death – ANYONE that mistreats an innocent animal deserves to be treated as cruelly as they treated any animal. I hope this bastard drinks himself right into the nearest gutter – he is a complete waste. THANK YOU to New York Bully Crew and Pitbulls and Pit Bulls and Addicts for rescuing Mia and getting her away from that hunk of maggot puke. May Mia fully recover and find the safe loving home she obviously never had.

  3. Red says:

    THANK YOU for the outrage people!! YOU and your angered saved this precious animal from the monster she was living with and would have probably died at the hands of. Thank you to P & A for helping!!

  4. linda says:

    I’m questioning the story. How can a dog that looks very under weight in the very top picture gain so much weight in such a short time in 2 days? Is this the same dog? I doubt it!


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