Hospital nurses sneak dying man’s dog in for final goodbye

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David King died on Wednesday after a long bout with cancer, but not before hospital nurses and grieving relatives figured out how to sneak the dying man’s dog in for a final goodbye. The touching scene happened in a Missouri hospital where his loyal Yorkshire terrier, Lil Fee was able to make his last visit.

According to Fox News, King’s granddaughter Ellie Miguel shared the special moments on Twitter; it wasn’t long before the heartbreaking event went viral:


Ellie had been very concerned that her grandfather would not have the chance to say goodbye to Lil Fee and told news people the tiny dog would follow him around wherever he would go:

“He would bring her everywhere he could. My grandpa had been battling cancer for the past couple of years, but last week it took over his whole body,” stated Ellie.

Ellie’s grandmother had already decorated the hospital room with lots of photos, but is was always about Lil Fee. And so the nurses encouraged Ellie’s grandmother to bring in the dog in a big purse. Up until the time Lil Fee arrived, Grandpa King had been in and out of consciousness, but on that day, he moved his arms trying to pet his best friend.

“It was a moment I will never forget,” Ellie told Yahoo News.

Lil Fee isn’t the first dog to ever have been able to go to the hospital to say goodbye to their best human. Although it breaks our hearts and we wish Ellie, her family and this tiny loyal dog much peace, we want to thank hospital nurses for all they do to make our lives matter.

Rest in peace David King. You will be missed.

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  1. Dogs should be allowed one last visit. As long as they’re up to date on shots and had a recent bath, it shouldn’t be an issue. What if this man’s dog had been a Lab or Mastiff? You can’t sneak a dog of that size into a hospital. RIP Mr. King. I’m glad you got to see your dog.

  2. It is a dying wish of many, to see the pets they hold so dear. I think hospitals should allow them in to say goodbye. It would give needed peace to those that are ready to leave for their final reward. Kudos to the nurses that thought to give his man that gift. Now he may RIP.

  3. So heartbreaking yet so inspiring to see there are some very kind people in this world – RIP Mr. King, you and Lil Fee will meet again.


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