Dozens of dogs seized from breeder

Nearly 80 dogs rescued from suspected breeding operation

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Nearly 80 dogs have been rescued from deplorable conditions at a suspected breeding operation in Westminster, California. According to the Orange County Register, 78 bulldogs were discovered at one man’s residence on November 6.

Conditions inside of the home were so bad that two of the animal control officers assisting in the seizure had to be treated for ammonia inhalation. Westminster police Cmdr. Cameron Knauerhaze commented on the conditions, “We sent our officers to check on the welfare of these animals. The conditions were unsanitary and disgusting. No human or animal should have to live in the conditions we saw.”

Dogs (and puppies) removed from the home have been taken to WAGS-Westminster Adoption Groups and Services. According to the rescue group, the dogs have not yet been released from their owner’s custody. On Thursday, WAGS stated, “NO dogs can leave property (foster or adopt) and we are not taking applications yet either. We will post when we have been given permission to release them.” The owner has until November 18 to decide whether or not he will fight for custody.

WAGS has commented on the financial strain the recent intake has created, “Our funds are tight! When we unexpectedly got two hoarder cases 126 rabbits and 78 dogs in a short period of time, we needed to make adjustments to donation fees (Bulldogs being more than the usual fees) to pay for extra staffing (80 hours), meds, food, healthcare, veterinarians and medicine. WAGS has doubled in size overnight – literally!!”

Donations to help care for these dogs can be made at the WAGS website.

(Stock image of bulldog via Pixabay)


We got a chance to get some our the Bulldogs out in the yard for a photoshoot yesterday and for some lovin'! These dogs are so sweet and are trying very hard to ask for affection. Almost all of them don't know how to walk on the leash and even just putting them on the grass makes them "flatten out". This will definitely be a work in progress behaviorally on top of treating them all medically. If you'd like to help out with a monetary donation to go towards their care, please go to to make your donation. Put "Bulldogs" in the comment section to make sure that the money goes directly to them! Thank you in advance for help #wagspetadoption #bulldogs #helpushelpthem

Posted by WAGS ~ Westminster Adoption Group and Services on Wednesday, November 8, 2017

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11 replies
  1. Mikki says:

    My “baby” passed away at 17 years old. He was a rescue, as are all of our pets. We have 2 adult cats niw (10 yrs old & 13 yrs old). We would be happy to foster ir adopt 1 or 2 dogs. We have a house with genced-in yard and lots of love to share! My family lives in New York. Can the dogs be transported? I pray for good, loving furever homes for all these babies ????

  2. Nadya Wall-Rossi says:

    Why do you protect the perpetrator? Why not post his name and photo and address? please update and let us know if there have been any charges filed and what the outcome is for the dogs.

    • Penny Eims says:

      “I” am not protecting the perpetrator. Until charges are filed, the name likely won’t be released by the authorities.

  3. Helen says:

    Do not return the dogs to the owner. Obviously, the owner is operating a puppy mill and must be closed down. The dogs lived in deplorable conditions and probably never had any or very little medical attention.

  4. Kimberli says:

    Why would you have to change the fees for bulldogs? I understand asking for donations, however asking for a greater fee for a specific breed seems counterproductive. Not hating, just asking. Thankful that you were able to take them in. Bless

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    WHY in the world would these dogs be allowed to go back to this miserable bitch who only used them for the money? They were treated like trash and forced to survive in squalor – this hell hole is a puppy mill and if she wants to live like a filthy maggot, fine, but these dogs had no choice. It is past time for these lazy loser humans who run these scummy garbage pits and call themselves ‘breeders’ to be abolished in every state in the union.


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