Home health care worker beats 94-year-old woman for feeding dog

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Authorities in Memorial Village, Texas are searching for a home health care worker who was recorded on a webcam striking a 94-year-old woman she was responsible for caring for in the senior’s home. Identified as Brenda Floyd, she became infuriated as the gaunt, old lady fed her little dog some scraps from her own food.Brenda Floyd

Floyd is currently wanted on assault with bodily injury to an elderly and disabled person. According to FoxNews, the victim Dorothy Bratten suffers from Alzheimer’s and is barely able to speak. The video, however tells the tragic and disturbing story. On January 1, Floyd was supposed to be helping Mrs. Bratten when the aide spotted the old woman feeding her cute brown dog scraps of people food.

“Why you feed the dog,” Floyd could be heard on the video yelling.

And then the aide could be seen striking the old woman with the snow-white hair five times to the back of her head.

“Get your a** up and go to f***ing bed,” Floyd could be heard screaming at the defenseless woman. “Go ahead, damn it!”

The frail woman slowly rises to her feet with obvious difficulty, but Floyd still wasn’t done berating her.

“I said, why do you feed the dog human food? Why do you keep feeding the dog human food?,” and when the old woman denied it, Floyd became   angrier. “Shut the f*** up! Yes, you did! Stop lying to me, bitch.”

Off camera, Floyd is heard striking the woman several more times while yelling at her. The scene is utterly heartbreaking to watch.

The family installed the camera on New Year’s Eve, after becoming concerned about frequent bruises on the elderly woman. The Memorial Village Police is asking for the public’s help finding Floyd, 59, who is described as a Caucasian female with black hair and brown eyes, weighing approximately 215 pounds and 5’2″ in height. She has no past criminal history and had been working for the family for the last three years. The family stated they trusted her and had even helped her buy a car.

Crime Stoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for Floyd’s arrest. Anyone with information is asked to call 713.222.TIPS (8477) and reference CRIMES (274637). All information remains confidential.

(Photos and video of home health care worker via screenshots Memorial Village Police Department)

Entire video can be viewed here:

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34 replies
  1. pennysdachshund says:

    This Post was SIMPLY BARBARIC !!!! The family was smart to put the camera in… I wonder how long this bitch tortured this little lady whose family was doing their best to allow her to live in her own home and be cared for…. I just can’t believe it…. This video should be available for families to view at conferences on caring for the elderly ALL ACROSS THE USA so families can see just what can happen to their loved ones…..if the caretaker is and unethical and POS abuser!!!

    • Holly N Johnson says:

      I knew monsters like her existed, that’s why I cared for my Mommy. It wasn’t easy but I wouldn’t trust anyone to care for her. I feel bad for families who have no other option but to hire an unknown. I want that woman caught and locked up. Her fellow inmates will get retribution for that sweet lady. God rest her soul.

      • pennysdachshund says:

        I am a Registered Nurse and because my grandma had Parkinson’s and I could not lift her and assist her as she got worse I put her in a nursing home close to me so I could go at least daily and often 2 or 3 times … One evening after I got off work about 8pm I decided to go to see her… as I walked down the hall to her room I could hear yelling and when I got to her room it knew it was coming from there . her room mate had MS and was in bed I put my finger to my lips for her to be quiet and walked to the bathroom and the aide was holding my grandma on the elevated toilet seat yelling at her…. I looked in and said “just what the hell are U doing’ scared the carp out of her… she responded that my grandma was having a “bad day” I looked at her and said ” NO as bad is your’s is going to be!’ I called for the Director of Nursing to come in immediately, I called the State of Wyoming advocates for elders , the police , and all hell broke lose. the aide of 20 years was gone!… OUR ELDER”S NEED TO BE TREATED WITH RESPECT>>> HER family NEEDS to KEEP ON the authorities to MAKE SURE THEY DEON”T FALL DOWN on the JOB and ARREST the POS ( and MAKE NOTE of the fact IF AS NOTED THAT SHE IS A PERSON OF COLOR)!!! SHE NEEDS TO BE INCARCERATED AND never have contact WITH ANOTHER human being or animal!!!!!! in the USA!!!!

    • FelineCool says:

      Regarding your post below, can you please explain why you believe it’s important to “MAKE NOTE of the fact IF AS NOTED THAT SHE IS A PERSON OF COLOR)!!” ?

      • pennysdachshund says:

        Hell Yes! Faline Cool. I stated that because on January 25, 2017 ( poster C. wrote : the police are describing the suspect a Caucasian : but she is of Color: People looking for a Caucasian could easily miss someone of light color they thought looked like the suspect, BACAUSE she was of COLOR.. DAH !!! So if you are of Color don’t get your panties in a knot!!! I am not a racist… ALTHOUGH to tell you the truth IT IS )PRETTY MUCH A GIVEN JUST LOOKING AT THE VARIATION OF CAUCASIAN ABUSERS vs BLACK THERE IS NO COMPARION ;;;; BLACKS OUT NUMBER IN THE ABUSE, NEGLECT, TORTURE, DOG FIGHTING RINGS, 75% HIGHER THAN CAUCASIAN’S put that in your pope and smoke it!!!!!

  2. Althea says:

    Oh my gosh, that horrible woman! I hope she gets punished to the full extent of the law and has to register as an abuser.

  3. Ruth Dorf says:

    Get that stupid b**** she deserves to go to jail for that how dare her hurt an old lady like that what a piece of art I hope you catch her I’m sure you’ll find her and then put it away

  4. C. says:

    Not that it matters, but the police are describing this woman as “Caucasian”.
    She is not.
    She is African American.
    Hope she’s caught & they throw the book @ her.
    If this was my relative , I’d beat her senseless.. the bitch would be left mumbling for the rest of her life.

    • baby renee says:

      thank you! this is very evident by both her features and her voice~and yes it does matter, inasfar as an accurate description assists in identifying a suspect and locating the relatives and their associates most likely to be harboring this fugitive

  5. Judy says:

    Thats why I look after my Mum I dont trust anyone else to do it. I hope you find her quickly stick her in jail and throw away the key.

  6. Barkley's Mom says:

    This woman isn’t fit to take care of a cock roach let alone this poor lady and her dog. The poor family trying to keep her in her home hired this woman to take care of her (and probably at a pretty good wage) and this is what they get. I’m glad they kept a close watch on things and set up the camera when they felt things were amiss. Too many times the elderly are forgotten by their families and this could have turned out much worse. Now find the POS and get her in jail where she belongs!

  7. Jennie Brennan says:

    This is horrible, first I want her found, beaten and locked up for a good many years. Then when she gets out I want someone to treat her like she treated this poor woman. Just terrible to watch feel so bad for the elderly lady.

  8. linda says:

    No doubt this senior has been abused by this ugly ass home caregiver in the past. Hope she gets a severe punishment when caught.

  9. Cheryl says:

    ABSOLUTELY!! heartbreaking to watch that video,as I am a Home Care Taker myself and take great pride in what I do for the elderly. I have been in the Nursing field for over 30 some years and within the past 6 years I’ve been working privately for in Home care specifically since retiring in 2000.. I have not been Lucky enough to find a patient I can adore and take care of for more then 4 months to a year at a time, let alone 3 years,simply because family didn’t have the means of payment anymore or patient has passed away. People like her seem to find the long term care opportunity that pays their bills every month,plus this poor family helped this MONSTER!! to get a car from the kindness of their heart trusted her for great care and to feel comfortable while gone.. GOD BLESS!! this family and that poor lady..God please bring peace and serenity to them,as they move forward in looking for the care they certainly deserve and so desperately need.. I’m so very Sorry for all that has happened, and wish I could fix it….. MAY GOD BLESS YOU!!!!..

    • pennysdachshund says:

      AND MY DEAR MAY God Bless you too> I worked with many VERY DEDICATED CNA’s , AID’s in my over 25 years of being an RN …. What a help and blessing you were to the clients, but to us as nurses… May a times we would cry when doing the post death preparation of a special person Together with No Shame in doing So… Thank You

    • Darla says:

      Bless you for your GOOD care of the elderly. I have no family and the thought of what might happen to me scares the heck out of me. I also have a family history of Alzheimer’s (my dad) so I know I could suffer from it someday, too. I only hope that I can have a caretaker such as yourself who truly wants to do it.

  10. Cathy Rolley says:

    How sad,I hope they get this bitch soon and give her the maximum sentence and I hope the inmates beat the shit out of her everyday.She is a worthless coward hitting that poor helpless lady.I read Penny’s reply ,I am glad that you caught the witch that was abusing your grandma and that you kept on everyone to make sure that bitch was fired.I am glad that the son finally put in cameras.It is too bad that the cameras weren’t there from day one,no telling how many other times she was abused and couldn’t speak up for herself.Poor lady . GET THAT BITCH And Make Her PAY For This.Everyone should have cameras and also people who are in rest homes there should be cameras there too and there should be a law saying that the family members can watch the cameras when ever they want to.make sure the people who work at rest homes are treating their families with kindness not Abuse.

    • pennysdachshund says:

      NOW that is The Greatest Suggestion I have ever heard of!!! Only the facilities wouldn’t want to invest, and I believe they would use the Ruse that it would be a violation of the resident ””s right to privacy to get around that…. The health care facility no matter how nice “LOOKS AT THE BOTTOM DOLLAR”

  11. Barbara W Herren says:

    There is no way I could bring myself to watch the video, just hearing that the elderly woman was beaten by the person trusted to take care of her sickens me. I cannot watch nor even want to hear stories of elderly people,children, animals ( defenseless ) being harmed. I always picture people & animals I know & can not imagine someone hurting them. I am so glad her family installed the camera & was able to stop this before it became more tragic. God love her & keep her and all the beings that need assistance safe. We all know there is a special place in hell for people like her..SHAME ON YOU!!

  12. Some Poor Hobo says:

    I knew people that treated a 92 year old woman like this, I made the call to family services. God has reserved a special place for people like this.

  13. Red says:

    If this old bat can not be found…..may KARMA find her and strike her very, very, very hard many times!!! Preferably in the stomach and the pocket book!!! This was horrible to watch. If that was my mom or grand ma….. I WOULD FIND HER AND SHE WOULD NEVER HIT ANY ELDERLY PERSON AGAIN!


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