Heartbreaking video shows dog trying to wake up deceased best friend

Heartbreaking video, dog refuses to leave dead friend's side
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An utterly heartbreaking video shows a dog in China desperately trying to wake up his best canine friend, who was struck and killed by a car. According to the Daily Mail, the husky was struck by a vehicle on a busy road in Zhejiang Province last week.

Not only does the cream colored dog paw at his friend, trying to wake him up, but he appears to be “sobbing.” The emotion the dog shows is nothing short of devastatingly sad.


The dog stayed by his friend’s side for a half hour until an owner showed up and pulled the deceased husky off of the busy roadway. The cream colored dog followed the woman as she carried the husky out of the traffic.

The heart-wrenching video is yet another example of the complex emotions which dogs possess. Rest in peace.

(Video/Image Daily Mail)

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  1. Anyone that thinks animals are just dumb beasts needs a real wake up call – not only are they smarter than humans, they have much more compassion and could teach all of us a good lesson in humanity. And for this ignorant Chinese person who let her dogs run free – she definitely needs a lesson.

  2. R.I.P pup, you will never be forgotten by your friend or us animal activist, sharing this post in your honor with love. And for the beautiful pup ( husky) it is heartbreaking losing a good friend. Maybe a human will give you just as much love ❤️

  3. No one stops to help but what do you expect it’s China they torture dogs and cats over there and eat them their fucking assholes most of them

  4. I’m in tears especially what appears to be sadness from the white dog. I doubt it was the owner, but, so glad someone removed the husky from the street.

  5. This act of compassion concern and love shown by this heartbroken dog is not surprising, mammals and animals have more emotions similar to humans than humans want to admit! So sad for this dog, I hope someone rescues him and show some love.


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