Traffic halted to rescue tiny kitten

Traffic on busy freeway halted to save terrified kitten

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Traffic on a busy freeway was halted in order to safely remove a terrified kitten. According to Gulf News, the frightening situation unfolded in Abu Dhabi last Thursday.

The video, which shows Abu Dhabi’s Civil Defense team moving in to rescue the tiny feline, has gone viral on social media. According to NESN News, traffic police worked with the rescuers to shut down four of the eight lanes on the busy roadway in order to ensure that the kitten would not be killed by a vehicle.

The great lengths taken to save the wayward kitten are indeed heartwarming – every life matters. Great work on the part of officials in Abu Dhabi!

(Video Gulf News/Facebook)

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  1. Red says:

    Fantastic!!! All animals deserve a chance at life! THANK YOU to these fire and rescue workers! As tiny as that baby was… I bet someone tossed him there!

  2. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Un grand merci pour les gens qui, par leur amour pour les animaux, ont sauvé cette âme innocente. Merci, merci mille fois.


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