The perfect dog that nobody wants

Final call for ‘perfect dog’ that nobody wants

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The final call has been issued for a “perfect dog” who nobody seems to want. The dog, a mixed breed named “Gabe,” is being held at a rural animal shelter in the Corpus Christi, Texas, area. On Tuesday, the volunteer-run Facebook page, Nueces County, TX: Dogs in need of Rescue Facebook page, wrote a post about Gabe’s winning personality:

Gabe is young and very friendly! He loves other dogs. He wants to be out running and playing but tries so hard to show you he is good boy and sit quietly when you come to his kennel.

Adding the urgency of this sweet boy’s situation:

Gabe was going to be euthanized weeks ago but the vet tech program took him in so he has basic vet work. Then they were done with him so back to the kill shelter he went. This is his FINAL CHANCE! GABE WILL BE EUTHANIZED!

Gabe just needs someone who will take a chance on him – please network Gabe’s information and help give him a chance.

Kennel 14 – phone numbers to call: 979-595-8356 or 410-608-2195

South Texas Shelter Near Corpus Christi

Facebook thread here.

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  1. Carole says:

    How can nobody want the perfect dog? Come on people, do whatever it takes to save this boy!! I already have 8 rescues or I would love to have him> sharing and praying for sweet precious Gabe.

    • Pam Bolton says:

      And I have 6 Dogs and 4cats. Come on people. Taking him will be the best thing you will do. You will have a friend for life.

  2. Elaine Briden says:

    Awhh why would a vet spend time and money on this poor guy only to send him back. Thats wrong. Somebody please save poor Gabe. Hes a sweet dog to they say. Id love him but I’m in canada

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Nobody spent any money on him he was used for Vet Tech trainees to play with, and when they were done so was he. I hope and pray someone sees him and saves him. I will be sharing in New York State, I hope it does some good.

      • Dawn Rupard says:

        You can use an all volunteer transport group if you are serious. It doesn’t cost you anything. You would need to go through a rescue & he would need a temp 2 week foster so he could obtain a health certificate to travel across state lines but distance should never stop anyone because there are many all volunteer transport groups that can help

    • Dawn Rupard says:

      You can apply with a number of all volunteer transport groups. Its free for you. You would still need a rescue group in texas to pull him for you if a temp 2 week foster can be found while transport is set up & he is vetted so he can get a healrh certificate to travel across state lines. Kindred Hearts Transportation Connection, A Better Way Rescue Transport & Liberty Ride Transport are just a few all volunteer transport groups that can help get them anywhere they need to go & they are all on Facebook

  3. Diana Bradshaw says:


  4. Star Shelley says:

    This whole story on this pup does not make sense, why take him to the vet , spend money and take him back just to be kill!!!!! He is adorable

  5. Linda Patton says:

    I’m past my limit legally, but am always figuring out a way to sneak someone else in. I’m way out in Southern California so transportation would have to be arranged. And Gabe would have to be able to get along with my pack of 13, both small (13 lbs), and medium (50 lbs and up), upper percentage are Bully breeds. I have a huge soft spot for them, and in my opinion they are they best dogs on earth! Very devoted, loving, dedicated and the most misunderstood, abused, neglected animals on earth. I love them!!! Would rather live with a million bullies then 2 or 3 human monsters anyday!!!!!!! If that sounds possible please let me know. My home is very animal oriented, large fenced yard, dog proof, plenty of love, time to adjust, time to decompress, time to learn to trust, time to learn how to be a dog. No one is rushed, forced, yelled at, uncomfortable, locked outside or in a cage. All are important family members, part of the family and as important. You a free to go outside when wanted, inside when wanted. Fed the best food, we only feed Blue Buffalo, always clean cool water, plenty of car rides and outings, as a family unit. Sleep time (and nap time) is done where you feel comfortable, may it be in my bed (and my husbands), on a couch, floor, doggie bed, pillow, wherever you want it to be. All are vetted within a day or two of arrival (to allow decompression and trust to build), and will go to the vet in a heartbeat if needed. The animals rule here… WE are their voice. They depend on US to ensure they are safe!
    I’ll be awaiting your response. Thank you
    Linda Patton

    • dianaroby02 says:

      Linda, the shelter doesn’t monitor this page. You need to contact them directly. All the contact info is on his Facebook page. He only has until Sunday. Good luck.

  6. Dana says:

    If we all would donate 3,5, $10.00 to save and help with Gabes vet bills it would help him get well faster and get the living family that he and all dogs deserve! I pledge $10.00


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