Dog died while owner cleaned condos

Dog dead – woman arrested for leaving pet in car while she cleaned condos

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A young Chihuahua died after being left inside of a black car on a day when the outside temperature was in the 90s. According to, the heat index in Panama City Beach, Florida, on Saturday was 100.

Someone alerted the police to the disturbing situation early Saturday afternoon – by the time that help arrived, 29-year-old Angela Delandra Rogers’ dog was dead. When Rogers was questioned, she admitted that she had left her two-year-old dog inside of the parked vehicle while she cleaned condos.

Cpl. Kevin Burns, of the Panama City Beach Police Department, noted that it was at least 115-degrees inside of the parked vehicle, he added, “It was a black car in a black paved parking lot.”

Rogers, a resident of Banks, Alabama, is facing an aggravated animal cruelty charge for her actions on Saturday.

The intense heat of summer has claimed multiple dogs’ lives – recently, a dog left to suffer outside on a hot July day died after choking to death while trying to reach the shade of a nearby bush. Two other dogs died in their yards in Toledo, Ohio.

It should go without saying that dogs absolutely cannot be left unattended in a parked vehicle – even on a moderately warm day. It is also vitally important to ensure that dogs who are outside have adequate shelter from the sun, and plentiful, clean water.

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13 replies
  1. Pamela Garlisch says:

    Another person that hasn’t got enough common sense to breathe the air on the planet. Hopefully she will get jail time and not be able to own any other animals for the rest of her life! RIP little one, your human failed you. Terrible way to die!

  2. maxiemom says:

    Stupid f****** bitch!!! What in HELL would possess anyone to leave their pet in a car on a hot day like that? It’s Florida in the summer, where it’s too damned hot in the first place! It should be OBVIOUS to everyone in the South that this is a huge no-no! If it’s too hot when you enter your car, it’s too hot for your pet!

    ANYONE who does this needs to be subjected to the exact same experience they put their pet through that caused his or her death. Make them stay in their car on a hot day with the windows in the exact same position, while the owner is wearing all wool, boots, a hat, gloves, and has no access to water nor anything else to drink and it MUST be on a hot day. Dogs don’t sweat, at least not much, so at least the human has that advantage. Then maybe the scumbag can feel some of the horror they inflicted on their dog as he or she cooked to death in the car.

  3. Bunny Peters says:

    RIP precious furbaby. So sorry you were failed by humans in every way possible…….

    The dangers of leaving anyone in a hot car are well known…….. throw the book at that stupid cunt……. You just can’t fix stupid……….

  4. Adrienne says:

    I agree with Maximom’s comments. Don’t people have any functioning brain cells when it comes to leaving a dog in a car? Yes, when they were driving to where they were going the air conditioner was on, so it was cool in the car, but don’t they think or even realize that when you turn your car of, the air conditioner goes off too? Poor dog and a horrible way to die. Leave this thing in the car just like she left her dog.

  5. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    That Bitch needs to be left in the same fucking car for the same amount of time!!!!! Stupid BITCH!!!!

  6. Kathleen Drude says:

    I have been rescuing dogs from locked cars for over 40 years now! The fact that it keeps happening is beyond me! It’s time to arrest these people!

  7. Kristine Gray says:

    Maybe it’s time for extreme harsh sentences instead of a fucking slap on the wrist as this is becoming a daily occurrence!! Absolutely disgusting & the judges that hand over a slap on the wrist are just as guilty!!????????????

  8. Cynthia Como says:

    This is pure unadulterated abuse and cruelty plain and simple! This is UNFORGIVABLE and if I had my way every stupid asshole jerk that does this would be sitting their insignificant cruel ass in a jail cell for a few years to think about the suffering death caused by their selfish cruel and cold hearted actions! What a POS!!! RIP SWEET HELPLESS BABY

  9. Barkley's Mom says:

    Why does someone take their pet with them while they are cleaning condos in the first place!. Why leave your dog to sit in a hot car while you work? This is absurd and the POS owner obviously has NO common sense!. I am so sick of seeing these stories, are people really that ignorant and careless? Rest in peace poor little dog, you didn’t deserve this!


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