Advocates helping homeless woman’s dog with grotesquely swollen face

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On Wednesday afternoon, in Riverside, California, an animal advocate and frequent volunteer at local animal shelters met Bobo – a nine-year-old pit bull. Although it’s not unusual for Sol Figueiredo, more popularly known as Pit A Boo to be helping dogs at the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter, Bobo’s situation was much different and one that Pit A Boo had never before encountered The dog has a grotesquely swollen face, and it is unknown what is causing the condition.

Meet Bobo; he is a 9 year old Pit Bull I met today outside the Goodwill in Riverside. My heart stopped when I saw his sweet face. His mommy is homeless and has been doing her best to keep him comfortable, but she needs our help. An organization that helps pets of homeless helped with a vet visit, but the vet just gave him antibiotics and steroids. No other diagnostic testing. The steroids actually made his lymph nodes swell up into golf balls. Right now his mom is giving him Motrin for the pain and a supplement called Sovereign Silver,” Pit A Boo posted on her Facebook page.

Bobo’s homeless owner doesn’t want to euthanize her dog and claims he doesn’t cry out in pain, is active, eats and is happy despite his condition. Immediately animal advocates came together to help. The primary goal is to get Bobo to a veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis. Discussions on busy social media pages about the dog’s condition ranged from the possibilities of a cancerous tumor, infected teeth, snake bite and acute sinus infections.

A fund to raise donations starting at the goal of $3,000 was met in only a few hours.

“We need donations to get him to a vet as soon as possible to get him diagnosed. If this is a case of hospice, we can at least get him prescribed something stronger than Motrin to keep him comfortable. He will need to be hospitalized for a couple days for testing, possibly need surgery, the possibilities are endless for what he may need. We are starting the goal at $3000, we may need more. If you are financially blessed please consider donating. Please share Bobo so we can get him the help he desperately needs.”

Pit A Boo returned to the area looking for Bobo and his owner to give her the good news that funds had been raised to immediately transfer Bobo to an emergency veterinarian facility; neither could be located.

“…Motrin is extremely poisonous for dogs. She (another animal advocate) said it can cause internal bleeding. The owner told me that when he is too active that he begins to sneeze and then blood comes pouring out of his nose. He has got to get to the emergency vet tonight!”

Let’s hope Bobo and his owner can be located and this poor dog can get the needed help as soon as possible. Updates will follow.

(Photos of Bobo with a swollen face courtesy of Pit A Boo Facebook page and You Caring)


Video here:

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  1. Marcia Domer says:

    At his age, could it possibly be abscessed teeth? And maybe a medication reaction? I hope this dog gets the medical attention needed really quickly. I question dental issues because the gums look swollen.

      • Cynthia Como says:

        YES IT IS!!! I’m %99 sure this is a cancerous tumor! And I’m so traumatized thinking about the suffering that this dog is going though! She is selfish,only thinking about her own feelings and not the dogs! If she TRUELY loved this dog she would NOT let it continue to suffer!! Not mention that she is slowly poisoning the dog! Motrin can not even begin to ease this dogs suffering! Oh I I wish that the person who took the video would of called the authorities so this dog could have an end to his suffering! There is always the SPCA that probably could of helped in some way! They will probably never locate her because she doesn’t want to risk losing the dog! SO TOTALLY SELFISH!! I’m heartbroken!!!

      • Holly says:

        It was diagnosed as a carcinoma. It was determined he was suffering and surgery would not help. Bobo was Humanely euthanized.

  2. Johanna Pontin says:

    I know how hard it is to let a pet go, but the surgical procedures or other procedures must be considered. I hope that this pooch can be helped without burdening him with more pain.

    • Tzukeeper says:

      They need to find them and, by any means possible, get her to surrender him. I can’t even imagine him being able to eat. I can’t tell if he’s emaciated. But she has no business owning a dog.

  3. Mary says:

    Hopefully, they will ask the newspapers and television stations to post this, and find the woman and her dog immediately. They need to immediately get the dog to a different vet.

  4. Althea Armstrong says:

    Hope the vet can help this dog. Thank You to everyone that is donating and helping! This dog is probably everything to that woman. Praying for a good outcome!

  5. Heather Fleming says:

    A Rottweiler in NC had that same condition. She was rescued by Hartman’s Haven of Hickory, NC. They had Roxie seen by specialists here. They can explain this condition better than I can & how they are treating it. CONTACT THEM!!

  6. Cynthia Como says:

    Ok! I’m really trying to have some compassion for this homeless woman but it’s hard! Homeless or not, to let this dog continue to suffer(and he IS suffering) is very selfish on her part! True love of a pet is to let them go if necessary. I will be having nightmares at night thinking about this poor,poor,sweet dog! PLEASE DEAR GOD LET THEM BE LOCATED! Maybe someone should of gave her a phone number to call and check in on the progress of the fund raising that was going to happen!! My heart is totally broken over this poor dogs suffering! So incredibly sad and I’ll be praying for this dog and the woman.❤

    • Cynthia Como says:

      The Motrin will KILL this dog!!!! Like he doesn’t have enough going on! This woman could of and should of asked any vet or had someone google if it was safe to give Motrin to her dog! She is failing this wonderful dog! Sorry if that makes people angry. PRAYING THEY ARE LOCATED ASAP!!!

  7. Allison Lew says:

    I am sorry. Animal Control or police or sheriff should have been called
    ASAP when this video was taken. The homeless woman’s feelings be damned. This is severe animal neglect/abuse by a homeless woman operating w/o full facultiesb& who can’t even take care of Herself or make proper judgments. Why not,put a patrol in area & contact all,homeless resources in Riverside? The hokeless woman should be Jailed (at least will,have shelter/food) & prohibited from EVER being in possesion of ANY living sentient being. I am SO Sick of homeless issues NOT being addressed
    and homeless people/pets NOT getting the care, shelter, food, medical, dental they need. The US has become India, where dead bodies are picked up,off the streets, b/c of a lack of compassionate care.

    • Cynthia Como says:

      I totally agree!! This woman is thinking only of herself and her feeling at the expense of this dog! THERE IS NO DAMN WAY THST DOG IS NOT SUFFERING!! I think she knows it and doesn’t want to be found because she wants to have that poor dog with her even at the cost of the dogs well being! This poor dog looks like it has a cancerous tumor,I’d bet money on it! This woman is selfish and if she TRUELY loved this dog she would take it to a SPCA and have it HUMANELY euthanized! I’m traumatized and haunted by the story and the pictures,CANCER is very painful and this dogs face is distorted from this tumor and I’m so crushed thinking about how much this dog is suffering and the fact that MOTRIN will not ease his suffering in the least and is only poisoning this dog! Like it’s not suffering enough already! OMG IM SO UPSET OVER THIS!!!!!!

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        The woman and her dog were taken to an emergency vet last night, I was watching the live feed until it got to be my bed time as I am on the east coast. They were giving the dog pain meds and going to take x-rays, I’ve been checking Maria Sanchez and the pups of SBC Shelter since she seems to be the one helping this woman. Hopefully there will be an update soon. The dog is eating and drinking so I’m not sure how much real “suffering” is going on. This woman obviously loves her dog, she had taken him to the vet before and had gotten antibiotics and steroids so she is not neglecting him in any way. She is doing the best she can with what she has. Until she has a real idea what is wrong with the dog, I don’t think calling her selfish is necessary. This dog Bobo is most likely all she has, I don’t see anything wrong with trying to help him and her.

  8. Tane Clark says:

    I want everyone to shut up with their comments this woman was lonely and needed a friend. Lets prsy and hope the doctors can fix this and make him better and on the road to to recovery. Everybody wants someone to öove, dont takr that away from her. I hope the rescur gets to the bottom of this and makes. Him well.

  9. Suzy says:

    How quick we are to judge humans who may be homeless and have a dog as their companion and possibly protector, who am I to judge the care this person who is trying her best to help her four-legged friend.

    Not everyone is aware of the human drugs that can be administered to a dog to help alleviate pain.

  10. Tammy KH says:

    Bobo Update this morning from Leilani @Tazzy Fund’s Rescue (she is coordinating all of his medical):
    He has been sleeping a lot, he is resting real comfortable. He has an E collar on because he does not like to be examined or touched. He keeps trying to rip out his catheter. They can’t muzzle him when needed because of his face so they’re just leaving the E collar on. He keeps trying to rip out his catheter.

    The doctor is consulting with the surgeon to see if we are going to do a CAT scan and see if there is any chance of opening his airways and nostrils more for more comfortable breathing.

    Please stay tuned for more updates as soon as I receive them, I will share.

    Thank you to everyone who is praying for him, he is just so loved.

  11. Wanda says:

    How can anyone say it’s cancer, no one knows yet what his condition is. You can’t just put a fur baby to sleep without knowing if he can be saved. People are so ridiculous!!!

      • Cynthia Como says:

        Nobody was wanting this sweet boy euthanized without seeing a vet and getting a diagnosis! How ridiculous to even suggest that to all of us animal lovers! It was the not doing nothing to help him that had everybody upset! Shame on you for thinking everyone wanted him put down without knowing if he could be saved! One look at BoBo tells us all he was suffering! And EVERYONE wanted what was best for him,not was best for his loving owner! I’m praying for BoBo’s owner,for we all know she is grieving the loss of her beloved fur baby,I’m praying for her and hope she has the blessing of great improvement in her life! NOBODY DESERVES TO BE HOMELESS!!! RIP SWEET BOY BOBO❤❤❤❤

  12. Holly says:

    Bobo was humanely euthanized last night after being seen by three specialists.
    It was determined the carcinoma was inoperable and bonk was suffering.
    Maria, the lady who runs the rescue that was helping , wasnby his side
    As he peacefully passed over to the rainbow bridge.

    • Cynthia Como says:

      I’m so sad over this dog!!! But relieved beyond words that his long,everyday suffering is over! I just so wish that BoBo would of had the luxury of being seen by a vet early on and just maybe there would of been some hope of saving him! It is so,so incredibly hard to lose a pet but there is nothing worse than letting a pet suffer because we don’t want them to leave us! Thank you to BoBo’s owner for doing what was best for her beloved fur baby,and I will be praying healing prayers for BoBo’s owner,for the pain of her loss to ease and for better days ahead for her situation. She must understand she had to do what was best for her BoBo❤THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS MARIA AND ALL THE OTHER ANGELS WHO MADE BOBO’S VET CARE POSSIBLE!!!❤ YOU ARE ALL HEROES AND THE BEST OF THE BEST HUMAN BEINGS❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  13. Kathleen Drude says:

    This is disgraceful this poor dog is in horrific pain! This should never have been allowed to get to this point! This is cancer so out of control that the only humane thing is to bring peace!

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      They did put Bobo down he was suffering so much and the “homeless woman”, his owner,trashed and robbed the hotel room they had put her up in with over $2,000 of damage. No good deed goes unpunished! I know you have said it before and I agree, I hate humans!


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