Adorable moments when 2 naughty dogs send themselves to the ‘doghouse’

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How adorable can it be when two naughty Australian shepherds sent themselves to their cages after their dog sitter returned home and saw the dogs’ ripped apart bed? The dogs tell their own story on a soon to be viral video when the dog sitter, who had been watching the two pups for a friend, noticed the bed had been torn apart in the corner. Initially when the man comes home, the dogs are ecstatic to see the friendly, loving face, but here comes the consequences of a few minutes of chewing boredom. Oops!

As the man questions the dogs, the guilty canines momentarily hesitate and slowly walk into their kennels. Long faces and that doggy guilt look of shame while keeping their eyes cast downward, the dogs admitted their guilt – no words needed of course. Their pet sitter didn’t seem that upset by the dogs’ error of their ways and seemed to derive their adorable admissions of guilt as adorable.

“These two Australian shepherds, who had a little bit too much fun ripping up a dog bed when their owner was away from home, at least managed to look reasonably guilty when the damage was found. A video of the dogs was shared to a YouTube channel under the name Gideon on August 15, showing the dogs seeking shelter in their crates when their dog minder walked across the room to survey the damage done to one of their beds. The dogs appeared to find it hard to look their temporary carer in the eye as he scolded them. The video had 8,591 views at time of writing.”

Credit: Gideon via Storyful (Photos of naughty dogs via screenshots Gideon video)

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  1. LOL that breed is so smart, they know when they have been bad. 🙂 Kudos to the guardian for not hitting them for it. Enough said.

  2. Harry did it.
    I told him not to.
    i helped a little.
    im sorry,
    I love you , i love you , i love you. I love you
    ill be good.
    For as long as I can,

    (we know sally)


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