‘Absolutely sickening’: Investigation into chickens being abused and ripped animals apart while alive

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In Vancouver, animal advocates spurred an investigation into “absolutely sickening” allegations of abuse to chickens by workers witnessed throwing, hitting, dismembering as well forcing the birds into violent sexual acts with each other. The disturbing video footage had been secretly filmed at a Chilliwack. B.C.  farm by animal-welfare group Mercy for Animals between May 10 and June 9 at Elite Farm Services Ltd.

According to the Edmonton Journal,  B.C. SPCA spokesperson Marcie Moriarty immediately launched a formal investigation after reviewing the videos showing several workers and a supervisor, hired to round up chickens for transport to slaughter, treating the birds in the most disgusting, inhumane and despicable manner:

“The shocking undercover video shows workers punting and throwing birds, slamming them hard against walls and transport crates, and ripping the legs off conscious animals. In particularly horrific incidents, a worker is seen trying to rip a bird in half with his bare hands, and other workers torment frightened animals in sexually explicit ways,” stated Mercy for Animals in their press release.

The B.C. SPCA will submit their report to the Crown counsel and is expected to recommend multiple charges in violation of the Criminal Code and the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. If the individuals are convicted, they could face up to a $75,000 fine, a maximum five-year-prison term and be banned for life from ever owning or being with animals. Moriarty was shocked and very saddened for the suffering of the animals after viewing the footage:

“The video includes some of the most brutal and sadistic acts of violence against animals I have ever seen. It is extremely difficult to watch,” the spokesperson stated.

In addition to Mercy for Animals submitting a legal complaint asking law enforcement for prosecution of the abusers, they have also called upon Loblaws, the largest grocery chain in Canada and a major Lilydale chicken customer to help use their power to help end these horrible animal abusive practices.

Certain footage of the most egregious sexual deviant acts has not been included in the video footage released below, however workers can be seen jamming poultry into overcrowded crates, hurling birds against the wall. One person can be seen stepping on a live chicken, and then hitting it. WARNING:  Video is graphic and may not be suitable for all viewing audiences.

(Photos via Mercy for Animals website)

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10 replies
  1. pamela bolton says:

    This has been going on for YEARS and nothing has been done about it yet. The ONLY WAY to stop this is to STOP EATING MEAT. Its not that hard to do. You cant stop the “sick humans” but you can stop supplying their targets for this kind of sick actions.

    • Carole says:

      You are 100% right. Those sick SOBs will spend eternity in hell. All we can really do is at least reduce our consumption of these precious animals.

  2. Nancy Raymond says:

    Perfect example of WHY there should be cameras in every facility that handles animals – these inhumane sons of bitches should be prosecuted for felony animal cruelty and both Chilliwack BC Farm and Elite Farm Services be fined HUGE amounts and those lousy pieces of shit workers be fired and never allowed to work in that industry again. Their pictures should be posted in every farm in Canada to ensure they are banned for life.

  3. Elaine Briden says:

    BC im embarrassed to be a Canadian. Those sick fucks better be convicted and that place shutdown. Lilydale you’ve made quite the name for yourself. People need to stop eating meat and put all these fuckers out of business.

  4. Mary Ann Clark says:

    Why are these people allowed to live? They should be on every violent offender and sexual predator list on Earth!

  5. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Les enfermer ne servira à rien, se sont des parasites pour la société, il faut les abattrent. Pas de pitié pour les barbares et les assassins.


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