Over 100 puppies, bound for pet stores, involved in NY crash

Over 100 puppies involved in NY accident
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Over 100 puppies, who were bound for pet stores, were involved in a crash in on Interstate 86 in Avoca, New York, reported Wednesday’s Associated Press. A total of 104 puppies were inside of the box van which was being driven by a Missouri woman, who state troopers have indicated was speeding before the crash.

Amazingly, the puppies all survived the accident, though some were injured when the woman lost control of the vehicle, which flipped into a ditch, reported WAFB News. The puppies who were injured suffered a broken jaw and a broken leg – some were admitted for ongoing veterinary care.

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Dozens of puppies were taken to the Finger Lakes SPCA. The shelter updated Facebook followers about the situation on Wednesday:

We will be closed today (Jan. 25th) caring for a large number of puppies who were admitted yesterday after an accident on I-86. We expect the puppies will be returned to their out of state owner later today. Will post more details and pictures this afternoon.

A subsequent post from the shelter reads:

There were a lot of questions and comments here in regard to our earlier post about the puppies. We appreciate everyone’s concerns, and will do our best to get our release up tomorrow. We appreciate your patience. The past few days have been overwhelming. We are prioritizing the care of all of our animals. Thanks for your patience.

(Photos screenshots via WAFB News)


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  1. Isn’t putting a 100 puppies in one vehicle too many? Aren’t there any regulations for crowding or safety? I hope the woman got cited for speeding and careless operation. Prayers for puppies!

  2. That lady needs tobe charged with trafficking animals for purchase at a Pet Store. This is illegal and she needs to be charged.

    • Gove them to the people who would love them and let the shelter keep the money screw the dog owner who shipped puppies like that and hold the woman for transporting. Trafficking from puppy mill. Speeding endangering animals. Take her drivers luv away as well and make her work in a shelter for ten years. The one were the puppies went. No pay for her either. . I think I’m done ranting. Cause I have always wanted a puppy to replace my son dog who has crossed that rainbow bridge. It was a pickenkees I mostly misspelled it.
      Ok now I’m done. Sorry for such a long rant.

  3. Being transported to pet stores? Assuming that they were being brought to pet stores makes me angry and upset.I hate pet stores!!!!!

  4. EVERY…EVERY DAMN THING ABOUT THIS STORY IZ F’N DISTURBING! Where 2 begin…let’s see 100 anything in a van, speeding, pet store! Whatevz! Translation: F’N puppy mill 2 pet store, scurry 4 the GRRREEED & FUCK IT IF WE SPEED & PUT MANY AT RISK! SCUMBAGZ!

  5. A woman, driving a box van, speeding…..100 puppies?!??! REALLY? She runs, owns or supports a puppy mill. Find her, where she got these babies and SHUT HER DOWN!!!!!

  6. Please don’t shop from puppy mill or breeders. Go and get from shelters. A woman like this is making money from poor animals. She needs to find really job im sure she mentally retarded she will not be hired for any job. Please charge and put her in jail for illegal trafficking 100 puppies. The Government needs to make new laws to protect animal especially from breeders like this ill lady. Please stop breeding animals


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