Rat tied up with string and shamed for ‘stealing’ pieces of rice

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A convenience store owner decided to shame a tiny rat caught “stealing” pieces of rice in Zhuhai, China. The rat was tied up with string by Lai Tiancai, owner of the store, who then hung a sign around its neck which read: (as if the rat were able to tell his own story)

“I won’t dare do this again,” and “Huh, is the the best you could do? Even if you beat me to death, I would not admit that the rice at your home has been stolen by me.”Rat tied up

The two photos of the rat tied up being shamed were posted on social media, and soon  went viral on Weibo, a Chinese micro-blogging platform, showing the rodent tied up to what seemed to be a trolley. According to the Daily Mail, the owner stated it “was just a rat and this was a small incident,” however most online reactions tended to pity the animal – labeling Tiancai’s action as animal cruelty and a “sick stunt”:

“Heartbreaking – Rats might not be as cute and cuddly as cats and dogs, but they feel pain and suffer all the same.”

“Every ordinary thing has life, why torture a rat? If you were a rat, would you find this cruel after you were killed? Stealing rice is part of a rat’s nature. It did it to survive.”rat tied up 3

More than 6,000 people responded to the photos; not finding them amusing and expressed their disgust at the cruel display. The person who uploaded the photos to Weibo, using the screen name ‘jiu lian shan she zhang‘, notified the Shenzhen Traffic Police asking for an investigation. In response, the police posted three smiling face emojis on their official account.

Isn’t every life valuable? No animal deserves to be tortured – bottom line!

(Photos of rat tied up via Weibo screenshots.)

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  1. Twisted offing man! I don’t know personally, but I’ve read and seen on television shows that rats can actually make good pets. Regardless of this, no animal should be tortured as they all have feelings and are capable of suffering. That dumbass acts like the rat was doing something shameful that he should know better; when he was just doing what comes natural and trying to get some food to survive. He deserves to be punished for hurting the rat in such a horrendous way.

  2. Poor rat it was just trying to survive.They have feelings too and feel pain.Someone should tie that sick man to the front window of his store with a sign around his neck saying he is being punished for being a cruel piece of shit.

  3. I’ve had pet rats they are very intelligent creatures and are very affectionate. My last remaining pet rat “Blue” knew she was dying and grab the cage and uttered cries. I took her out and I cuddled and stroked her. She died within moments. She wanted comfort before she died. I know for those that don’t know about rats. They make for great pets if you can manage getting over their tails.

  4. It is a living, breathing animal….. animals feel pain JUST AS HUMANS DO!!! Idiots…. do you think animals do not feel pain, fear torture and starve as people do!! This idiot needs a “come-uppance”


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