World outrage as Karachi authorities poison at least 700 dogs

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Disturbing photos of more than 700 dead dogs have animal advocates in Pakistan and around the world condemning Karachi officials for poisoning stray dogs in what has been referred to as a culling operation, reports IndiaToday.Kaurachi dogs

Officials admitted to poisoning the dogs using poison tablets hidden in chicken. For the past few days, stray dogs  in six city districts, estimated to be in the thousands, have been killed. However, an official count was not declared. Municipal workers gathered the bodies and threw them into trucks in preparation for a mass burial. Mass culling of stray dogs also happened in 2015. Following that cull, the bodies of the  dogs were laid out in the hot sun and dumped in a rubbish pile later.

According to, the outrage continues with social media messages expressing their disgust.

“Just bloody horrible”, “Spread the word. Shame on Karachi authorities!”, “No more cruelty” were just a few among the angry messages.

Government officials defend their actions stating Jinnah Hospital in Karachi treated 6,500 people bitten by dogs last year. The count has reached to 3,700 cases this year.

On Thursday, Aseefa Zardari, the youngest daughter of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and former President Asif Ali Zardari spoke out against the heartless and cruel act.

In 2014, Russian officials in Sochi instituted a campaign to exterminate street dogs using poison. The authorities hired a private company to kill as many stray dogs as possible before Winter Olympics despite government claims that had not been the plan. Animal activists from around the world rescued as many dogs as possible – some now living happy lives in the United States.

How can a government not use science to stop the rampant breeding of street dogs? Where are the animal cruelty laws in Karachi for abandoning a pet in the streets? What country hasn’t heard of neuter and spay programs? Where is their humanity? Shameful!

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Warning: Video is graphic and disturbing.


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  1. Ed says:

    I have no idea where are the f****** I don’t give a s*** what I say is we f****** do better reconstruction of how to take care of animals get your s*** together these people that’s totally and your main country is

  2. Erin says:

    What about running a massive spay & neuter drive and preventing more unwanted strays, rather than this cull every couple of years? Proactive, not reactive. This is so sad.

  3. Maureen Oleary says:

    I’m mad, this should never have happened, what kind of heartless people would deliberately murder these dogs. It’s not the dog problem, it’s up to humans to neuter and spade there dogs. Why do you poison all these dogs? We are talking 700 in just one area. This is abuse so bad you people need to learn control not by killing them. I’m so angry I could come over there and stop this murder, of these innocent dogs. It makes me sick, and wonder what kind of government and officials would alow such a thing. It’s the heartless humans once again we have them to thank for this horrible, discusting,and cruelty. I’m just one concerned person, but I speak for hundreds of people outraged by this horrendous act of cruelty in its highest form. I blame there
    Officials and government of KARACHI, I hope you all pay for this, you will not get away with this horrible slaughter of these dogs. I demand that you are tried and end up in jail. You miserable excuses for humans that can’t think of some way to help not distroy these dogs, and get them spade and neuter these pets,that you consider trash..STOP THE KILLING OF THESE DOGS.

    • Lisa Styve says:

      America KILLS 30,000 WEEKLY-some by Heart Jab, some Gas Chambers-some even shot in head-all legal!! Where’s you outrage for america? Pump Mills……heard of them? Far MORE Cruel!!!
      “It makes me sick, and wonder what kind of government and officials would alow such a thing. It’s the heartless humans once again we have them to thank for this horrible, discusting,and cruelty. I’m just one concerned person, but I speak for hundreds of people outraged by this horrendous act of cruelty in its highest form. I blame there”–they COULD say the SAME about America-would they be wrong…………?

      • Debbie Jones says:

        Lisa Styve, What in the hell are you talking about?. American’s are upset about any animals that are abused. We have passed a law for abused animals. It is a felony to abuse any animal, we are at least trying to make all shelters, ” No Kill.”. We are working hard for the animals, you should keep your mouth shut unless you know what you are talking about. There are thousand’s of us that try to take care of the cat population by TNR.

  4. Frances Romano says:

    A “culling” operation?! Call it what it truly is:: PRE-MEDITATED MURDER! These dogs did not deserve this type of treatment. Be Logical and start a spay and neuter program or at the very least aTNR program. Lord these animals are living breathing beings NOT yesterday’s trash!

  5. virginia green says:

    do it to them .ever dog you kill is a 4 legged kid wearing people are sick in the are killing ur kids.

  6. maxiemom says:

    Seems to me this country is more comfortable living as a backward, barbaric, bloodthirsty group of savages than join the rest of the civilized world and do the right thing for the dogs (and probably cats) living there. It’s not like they couldn’t find out how modern countries handle this problem and do the appropriate things. Shame on them.

  7. Lucia says:

    Their is a way, Just operate on them and remove the necessary part that need to be take out that course the problems, You don’t have to kill any Animals
    Shame on you hope you burn in Hell.

  8. Lisa Styve says:

    Not overly sure of the reason for the outrage. America still kills by Heart Jab, and Gas chamber-some stated a shot to head still legal. Plus, clearly, “euthanasia” ~Citing “poison” as cruel isn’t acceptable as America kills MORE in way more Cruel methods. America KILLS 30,000 weekly!!!!

    Shame on “them”, or Shame on Humans-period? Animal activism needs UNTITY-not devision by hate. In Pakistan, I’m Very sure many are Very Disturbed by our Puppy mills-and the HORRIFIC Cruelty endured there-clergy UNSTOPPABLE- Look at the reflection of America-before you ignorantly Attack this action!

  9. Jean robinson says:

    Shows ignorance if too many stray dogs then provide shelter and neuter poisoning is not acceptable in twenty first century they are showing themselves to be uncivilised and backward


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