Man charged after abandoned dogs found – one dead, one dying

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A man in Greenville County, South Carolina, is facing multiple charges for allegedly abandoning dogs at a rental home. According to Wednesday’s WYFF News, 33-year-old Cory R. Glenn, of Greer, is accused of chaining two dogs in the yard at a rental house and leaving them when he moved away.

Glenn’s former landlord, Tony Pritchett, made the horrible discovery upon visiting the rental house on Matlock Circle – one of the chained dogs had already died and another was emaciated and near death. The surviving dog, dubbed “Maggie,” weighed a mere 28 pounds when she was rescued from the property – according to WSPA News, the dogs are believed to have been chained in the yard at the home in Greer for four to eight weeks.

Pritchett described Maggie’s pitiful condition:

“We went down there and she was on a big logging chain. I cut her loose and tried walking her up here and she kept falling down. She was starving to death,”

Screenshot (863)Maggie has been taken to the Greenville Animal Care facility to be treated for starvation, heartworms and parasites…it is believed that she managed to survive as long as she did by drinking rainwater. Funds to help support Maggie’s veterinary care can be made here.

The man accused of abandoning the dogs is due in court on August 26.



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  1. Sick mean asshole .you should have a chain around your neck and starved .by the looks of you you could lose afew pounds . Piece of shit

  2. charge him with killing,mistreating the 4 legged kids wearing furs .jail him with people that cares and like animals.if not that lose the key to his cell.

  3. Well they didn’t even put this B B in jail so I guess the BLM Committee Members won’t have to worry about bailing him OUT!!!!! Myself I think a GROUP of Dog Rights Group Members should Invite and even escort Mr. Cory Greer out for a old fashioned “Wiener Roast”!

  4. This life does NOT matter: He has proven that by his heinous actions: Simply eradicate his worthless carcass!
    Prayers ONLY for precious Maggie, and her hapless companion…

  5. I am happy to hear that he is charged with such a cruel crime. People need to understand that if you can not love a dog that gives you unconditional love and joy than be man enough to do the right thing by the animal and give it up for adoption. People need to understand that animals don’t have a voice but that does not mean they don’t have feelings, emotions, characters just like human beings. Hope he is locked up for his crime and made sure that he never owns another dog again.


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