Woman rejects marriage proposal because her ‘intended’ didn’t want her dog

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A woman in India rejected an arranged marriage proposal because the man who proposed to her didn’t want anything to do with her dog, reports India Today.

Karishma Walia who works in Gurgaon, recently got a marriage proposal from a man in New Delhi, however the “eligible bachelor” had no intentions of allowing his young bride to be distracted by her beloved dog, Lucy. In a conversation on WhatsApp and Twitter, the potential groom stated:

“I don’t want a dog to come in between my love life and not share the same bed… that’s for sure. And my mom doesn’t like dogs in general.”karishma-walia-conversation

And then Karishma explained why the relationship wasn’t going to work insisting she had no intentions of “abandoning her dog for anyone.” When the man read Karishma’s responses, he still wasn’t ready to give up but growing impatient, he tried a more direct tactic:

“Are you serious? My god. Are you sure about your decision? It may be a temporary phase in life when you like dogs. We are talking of your life here. But please marry the dog in that case.”

According to Karishma, her mother regrets her daughter’s decision because the man was rich and good-looking insisting her daughter was wrong about expressing her concerns for her dog.

On Karishma’s Facebook bio, she states,

“For my dog, I am the only one. And that’s all that matters.”

Obviously Karishma has a mind of her own, and it was indeed disappointing that the guy couldn’t understand the importance of Lucy in this young woman’s life. Good for you Karishma!

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20 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    She is certainly better off with the dog than that jerk! And his MOM doesn’t like dogs? RED FLAG! What is he a Mommy’s boy? Loser as far as I’m concerned, I don’t care how much money he has or what he looks like. Be happy Karishma, there is someone out there who will love you and your dog, don’t settle for anything less.

  2. Liliana says:

    Dear, you made the right choice. That guy doesnt love you as you deserve and people that dont like animals are not trustful, besides he is an stupid mama boy! You will never be happy with him or all his money! Forget it! You have a wonderful heart and I respect you for your decision.

  3. Anthony Damiano says:

    I’d only want to be with the kind of woman who would refuse to leave her dog behind. The man who asked her to marry him does not deserve such a good woman.

  4. maxiemom says:

    Definitely made the right choice. If he doesn’t respect your love and concern for your dog and those you love, he sure as heck doesn’t give a damn about you and will never respect you.

    • susan loughnane says:

      You are so right! He sounds like he has more issues than the dog. For one, he is a control freak. I only hope he doesn’t do something to hurt the dog.

  5. penny's dachshund says:

    Hey I admire the INTELLIGENT YOUNG Woman . the right man who will accept her beloved dog will come along !!! Wait and SEE

  6. Karen says:

    About 18 years ago I broke up with my first fiancé after he abused my pet pig just because he wanted to (as he had found an old rusty baton in the yard) in order to show dominance and get him to be more like a scared dog. At one point he went to go get his gun to killed him I couldn’t believe the disconnect. Four months later I told him I was taking the pig from Alaska back to California and I never came back or saw him again. https://www.facebook.com/McKenziethepig

  7. satku Murugiah says:

    Rich and good looking but as shallow as a ditch!! Good for you Karishma. You are Lucy’s world. You WILL meet someone who will love her as much as you do. He can find himself a rich good looking plank who will spend her time in bed with him!

  8. Duane says:

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    like to say on the topic of this post, in my view its actually remarkable in favor of me.


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