Woman arrested and charged for stepping on puppy

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A Florida woman was arrested and is facing charges for allegedly stepping on a puppy, reported Tuesday’s publication of the Orlando Sentinel.  The woman accused of the cruel act has been identified as 61-year-old Antoinette Welcome-Rydell of Groveland.

Rydell was arrested for the July 2 incident after witnesses claim to have observed abuse while at a parking lot on State Road 50. The individuals who bore witness to the alleged act of animal cruelty told the authorities that Rydell dropped the small puppy onto the ground and then stepped on the pup, reported the Daily Commercial.

Officer Heather Vinson described the young dog’s condition in a report, “The dog was extremely dehydrated, anemic, lethargic, had fleas and had an open laceration on its neck from an unknown source.”

Rydell was taken to the Lake County jail on an animal cruelty charge – she was released after posting bond. The woman facing the charge told the authorities that she was on medication at the time of the incident – she claims to have a history of prescription medication abuse.

No word on the current status of the pup.

Photo: (Booking photo – Lake County Sheriff’s Office)


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  1. Prescription Drug Abuse IS one HELL of an Excuse!!! Let her have enough OXYCODON for a ONE WAY TRIP to the MORGUE!!!!

  2. I think the wrong picture must have been posted because, if I’m not mistaken, that’s not a picture of a woman let alone a human being. That ugly skank looks like somebody stepped on “its” face. If I was “it” I’d hide that face because that face makes me ill. But you know what the face is as ugly as “its” soul.

  3. These POS’s always have an excuse. Sorry there is NO excuse for this kind of abuse, I pray the pup is alright!.

  4. I have a soft heart for animals that are abused. Five years ago an aquaintance to my daughter’s friend did not want anything to do with their year old Chihuahua and threw her out of their house in January. Being the coldest month of the year, this dog would not have survived. My daughter asked me if we could take the precious little Chihuahua, and I said yes. I’m so happy I did because she is healthy and a very happy dog 😀 I love you Savvy!

  5. God bless you Karen why would anybody throw any animal out in the cold tell your daughter to get rid of heracquaintanc e back to the p piece of shit how much should I be nice in this one or I would just take metal baseball cleats have A3 to 500 pound man or woman stopped in her face and her body and I don’t mean to nice sorry I’ll work on it harder one more thing for the assholes of watches women do this s*** I mean isn’t anybody ever step up to the f****** play in this life of ours sad thing called a human being


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