Alabama man charged with poisoning 2 Chihuahuas with antifreeze

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Two dog owners in Attala, Alabama were devastated after their family dogs died earlier this month. According to Attala police, a neighborhood man has been arrested and charged with poisoning the tiny Chihuahuas, reports Fox News. Carlos Guzman

Carlos Enrique Guzman, 27 was seen pouring a liquid from a bottle into the food of two Chihuahuas and then feeding the dogs. The dogs later became ill and died on July 5. Chief investigator, Doug Jordan stated the bottle which Guzman threw into the woods has been found, and preliminary tests indicated the liquid was antifreeze which contains the poisonous ethylene glycol.

It is not known why Guzman allegedly poisoned the dogs, but dog owners need to be ever vigilant when their dogs are outdoors. Letting dogs roam the neighborhood, running off leash or leaving them unsupervised can lead to great harm or cruel, untimely deaths. Although there is no excuse for animal cruelty, people who do not like dogs can do terrible acts.

The dogs’ bodies have been sent to the Jacksonville State University Center for Applied Forensics to confirm their cause of death. Guzman has been charged with felony first degree animal cruelty and has been released on $5,000 bond. Rest in peace little guys. We are saddened that a human let you down.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Another POS that needs to be thrown in jail away from humanity and left there to rot! Just a out and out dog murder, there can be no excuse for this except he is just a monster.

  2. Edward says:

    Really you took to small defensively chihuahua s and posion them really that is cool I would do better you to pay back the favor what you did to them for record anti freeze is horrible death so you would get 100 % percent sulfuric as Cid poured down your throat or another would be to take dry ice pieces and put them in your eyes this you will be blind and you can never hurt one of God’s creatures u piece of wasted sperm

  3. Penny's Dachshund says:

    This POS should not have been released on a bond of any amount is he now going to go out and poison More helpless animals or maybe put poison in local buffet how about giving poison treats to small children??? This is a psychopath people of the legal system… Your staff needs to update themselves on serious mental health diagnosis for these scumbags that are doing stuff like this!!!

  4. Jimmie Hall says:

    . I curse You may you live out your days in misery and agony may your life be filled with sorrow and pain, May you die alone and in the dark, And the Dark forever you will stay, SMIB


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