Update: Owner dumps 11-year-old dog because she was old, sick, didn’t walk well

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UPDATE: Ladie has been rescued by Leave No Paws Behind. At the shelter, this sad senior wouldn’t get up for a treat, but make sure to check out her “freedom” photos shown here. According to the the rescue:

Ladie is the sweetest of dogs, and is in one of the poorest conditions we have seen in a long time. She has multiple mammary mass tumors on her stomach, she has an anal mass, she has slight DM and her skin is horrid. She smells of yeast and infection, bless her little heart. she is matted to the hilt and her ears are eaten away with fly bites. Her blood tests will be in tomorrow and give us a better picture of her overall health. On the plus side, she is safe, comfortable, cool and knows she is loved and that her life matters… We have received $680.00 and are still in need of $420.00. Please help us continue to help her; no amount is too small and all amounts are tax deductible. Ladie will be in need of a loving and life saving Hospice Foster in the Los Angeles area.”

Many thanks to everyone who shared Ladie’s plight. Sharing saves lives.

On July 5, Leave No Paws Behind shared a new photo of Ladie for their Facebook readers. Obviously feeling and looking so much better, she is the sweetest dog who loves to “give you her paw,” stated Toby.

“These pictures give you a slight glimpse of the many mammary masses/tumors on her belly and she also has one in her anal area ( all suspected cancerous ) Her skin is horrible, and as we are waiting on the biopsy report she is receiving medical treatment and medicated baths. She is not in any pain and is eating and drinking like a champ. Due to her very frail and delicate condition, Ladie is not a viable candidate for surgery so we are treating what we can and keeping her very comfortable.”

Please contact the rescue if you would be interested in providing hospice care for Ladie so that she may live out her life with love and kindness.

Ladie on July 5

Since she was just a puppy, Ladie had been in the company of just one person. A sweet and loyal German shepherd, Ladie had been growing old. Her hips may hurt a bit, and she has slowed down, most likely from arthritis at her back end and hind legs, but she’s a loyal dog and misses the heartless man who dropped her off at the shelter with barely a second glance.

As the dog’s owner pulled into the Carson Care Center on Tuesday, he parked in the driveway, raised the hatch and showed the security officer his dog. Just as the man was about to mercilessly close the hatch again in the 95 degree blistering heat, the guard ordered the older man to get her out of the vehicle. The owner leashed her up, led his dog out of the truck and pushed her into one of the intake kennels – not even a pat on the head or a kiss goodbye.

Shelter volunteer Jill Dyche had this to write about the heartbreaking situation:

This old girl followed obediently. She was hot, probably dehydrated, and filthy. When I asked him why he was giving up his dog, he said that she was ‘old, and probably sick and she didn’t walk good (sic) anymore.’ Seeing my face, he turned and left to do the paperwork, which took way longer than saying goodbye to the 11 year old dog who he’d had as a puppy.”

Click here for this dog’s Pet Harbor listing. LADIE – ID#A4966283. “My name is Ladie and I am described as a female, brown and black German Shepherd Dog. The shelter thinks I am about 12 years old. I have been at the shelter since Jun 27, 2016.” For more information about this animal, call Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson at (310) 523-9566. A Facebook page can be followed here. Click here for her short video.Share her plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. For more information about this dog, contact the Carson Shelter located at 216 Victoria Street, Gardena, California. Phone: 310.523.9566.

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