UPDATE: 2-pound puppy found ‘walking down the street’ continues to be real fighter

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Life has been a painful struggle for Pebbles as she barely weighs two pounds and her tortured little body hurts so much, but she’s a fighter, and Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, just couldn’t wait on Sunday to update the followers on the rescue organization’s Facebook about the five-week-old puppy’s progress. Pebbles Sunday 2

“Pebbles enjoyed some lunch after her bath. This tiny angel is so brave and a real fighter We are so honored to be able to help her. At two-pounds it’s really a miracle she’s alive! She arrived yesterday morning with her eyes crusted shut and her skin and fur falling literally falling off. Her tiny tail was completely bald, and her little ears were thick and hard as rocks as she carried the horrible stench of infection,” Jackie stated.

Pebbles was found in Henderson, North Carolina and turned into the Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society late last week after a gentleman told shelter workers he “found” the puppy walking down the street. Arriving in New York City on Saturday morning after Rescue Dogs Rock NYC stepped up to help, it was originally thought the puppy had been suffering from demodetic mange, however veterinarians now believe Pebbles was burned with a chemical poured all over her tiny body.

Pebbles is being cared for this weekend at a partner veterinarian hospital and is receiving soothing medicated baths three times a day along with sub q pain medication and fluids. One very positive sign of Pebbles’ progress is her excellent appetite.

Read this puppy’s original story here.

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Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Sunday, September 4, 2016

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  1. Maria says:

    Anyone who could DO something as Disgusting and Pathetic like this to an Innocent animal is NOTHING LESS than a Piece of TRASH!!! How Low can anyone be??? I hope the MONSTER is found by STREET JUSTICE, only then will he get EXACTLY what he deserves!

  2. Red says:

    I wish there were a way to round up all the walking monsters disguised as humans and exterminate them. Anyone who thinks it is funny, cool, curious, etc to BURN a living soul is sick and demented and does not deserve any sympathy or justice. Just exterminate them.


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