5-week-old puppy with chemical burns found ‘walking down the street’

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In Henderson, North Carolina, a five-week-old puppy weighing little more than two-pounds, was turned into the Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society this week, after a gentleman told shelter workers he “found” the puppy walking down the street.Pebbles NYC

On Friday night, the tiny pit bull mix puppy was on her way to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.  The helpless little puppy, dubbed Pebbles, who had been originally thought to be suffering from mange with her open and oozing sores all over her tiny body, needed immediate attention. Pebbles NYC2When Pebbles arrived at the rescue Saturday morning, co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan was shocked:

“Pebbles was in such poor condition, I had to rush her to the vet. The vet does not think Pebbles has mange – rather it’s likely she was burned or dipped in something. Her hair is all falling out and her skin is all sores,” stated Jackie. “She has to stay at the vets for the weekend and get injectable medication and soothing baths three times a day.”Pebbles NYC4 tail

All of Pebbles’ coat is expected to fall out, but the tiny puppy has a ferocious will to survive, and even though she cried out in pain when anyone picked her up, the medication and baths are helping to control her discomfort.

“She has a fierce will to live, or she wouldn’t be here not at two pounds and 4-5 weeks old,” continued Jackie. “Her ears have pus in them and are all swollen. She stinks; it seriously was so bad. All I wanted to do from the moment I met her was to get her help and away I went.”

Pebbles is now receiving the best of care and is reported to be eating. She will stay with a vet tech through the long holiday weekend and receive  medicated baths three times a day and sub-q pain medication and fluids.Pebbles NYC 6 Her skin is too thin and damaged for intravenous fluids. On the organization’s Facebook page, Jackie told rescue followers how she welled up with tears just listening to the puppy cry out in pain and misery.

To help Pebbles, please click here. Paypal: donate@rescuedogsrocknyc.org, or mail checks to RDR NYC
PO Box 101, NY, NY 10028.

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Pebble's medicated bath

Pebbles arrived from NC this morning and her condition is shocking, so much worse than expected. Her little 2 pound body is completely covered in sores and scabs. She cries out in pain, so we went right to the vet. We thought maybe the horrific skin infection was caused by mange, but the medical team does not believe it's mange and more that she was burned with something or dipped in something. Her tail is hairless and red & blistered. Her ears are thick & crusty, swollen and filled w pus. She smells so bad, it's sickening. This tiny angel is suffering and it's heartbreaking to hear her pitiful little cries.Her skin is too bad for an IV so she's getting injectible meds for pain & fluids. She also needs 3 medicated baths a day, so we left her at the vet. They expect her to be completely bald once all the scabs fall off. They are the only thing holding her fur on her body. Much of it fell off during this, her first bath. She quieted down after the pain meds and even ate a little bit which is very encouraging.We left her sleeping in a little kennel with a soft blanket & a heating pad. To think of the suffering this tiny angel has endured is beyond heartbreaking. Someone did this to her & we assure you she was not "walking down the road"!!!!Please help us help Pebbles; she will have a very long road to recovery, assuming she is strong enough to pull through. We sincerely hope she is as at 4-5 weeks old, she has her entire life ahead of her.Donate please, help Pebbles!!! Paypal: donate@rescuedogsrocknyc.org or www.rescuedogsrocknyc.org/donate/#pebblesstrong #pebbleslifematters #teampebbles

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Saturday, September 3, 2016




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  1. Tricia KWW says:

    I think Pebbles did have mange. Some morons believe you can treat mange with gasoline.
    I think somehow the idiot set her on fire.
    Why they didn’t get her help the first time is beyond me.
    Allowing her to suffer like this is CRIMINAL.
    Too bad they’ll never be caught.
    They should be behind bars for this.


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