Three-legged dog left to die on side of road

Three-legged dog left to die
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A three-legged dog, in a pitiful state of health, was left to die by the side of a road. According to the non-profit agency, Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, the dog, dubbed “Marigold,” likely would have died if not for the efforts of a good Samaritan who stopped and got her help.


The Tennessee-based rescue organization outlined the neglected and discard dog’s multitude of health issues:

While I am disgusted with the people that passed her by, I am more appalled by her condition. She has had multiple litters of puppies, her nails are beyond redemption, she is bald, emaciated, partially blind, her ear is split in half and you will notice that she is missing a leg. She is dehydrated, her blood chemistry is way out of whack and she is unable to walk at the moment, but the vet thinks she will walk again.

Marigold is recuperating from her ailments at an area veterinary hospital. The rescue agency which has taken her under its wing voiced frustration over the woeful treatment that too many unwanted pets are subjected to:

I am so incredibly tired of the irresponsible and absolutely soulless monsters out there whose solution to an unwanted dog is to dump it as if will stumble into some magical fairy kingdom where it will live out its days with Tinkerbell and the lost boys.

Donations for Marigold’s care can be made to the rescue agency at this link.

(Photos Big Fluffy Dog Rescue)

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  1. When I was a young girl about 55 years ago I always associated Tennessee with Doris Day and the Tennessee Waltz !!!! Thought it must be such a beautiful and peaceful place to live….. I NOW ASSOCIATE Tennessee with Gross Animal Abuse, Dog Fighting, Puppy Mills, and a Whole Damn Bunch of People that are So Damn Worthless for the misguided, neglectful, brutal , Horrific Torture, and needless killing of the very animals that LOVE THEM and END UP DYING AT THEIR HANDS!!!!

  2. Donated , I like you am appalled at the people that get pets only to abuse them and use them for fights, or litters, torture then they just cast them aside like a used piece of cloth. Thank God for all the Angel Good Samaritans that do stop and do take actions to get these animals hel

    Please browse this web for Bartows Little Secret Petition all signatures are helpful
    Over 1,000 animals a year are euthanized every year in Bartow County Georgia because of Minimal Efforts on behalf of the county. Apathy for the Animals there.


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