Two dogs guarded lost 5-year-old child in forest filled with wolves

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In the wolf-infested Siberian forest in Buryatia, two dogs guarded a lost five-year-old child who had followed a puppy and another dog into the woods 24 hours earlier. According to, the child’s parents had been busy with routine house duties and didn’t immediately notice their child had wandered off on Wednesday afternoon.

When a search party was ordered, dozens of police, local hunters and foresters joined in the search for the child in an area where nighttime temperatures could dip to 20 degrees below zero. Police searched on horseback and car and nearly gave up hope of finding the little boy alive. Fortunately, the child was found nearly eight miles away from his home by a local resident who first spotted his lost hunting dog who had gone missing earlier that day. When the man called for his dog, he found the child curled up hugging his puppy while sitting in a ditch. Wolf tracks were spotted close by the child.

According to officials, the child became lost in the woods when  he had been playing with the dogs and the dogs padded off into the woods. The child’s mother has been charged with the “improper performance of duties on the maintenance and education of the minor.” No doubt, dogs are truly a child’s best friends.

(Photo of two dogs guarded via Youtube freezeshot)

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