Puppy missing after rollover crash

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14064303_1064008833692100_5547523277121416847_nLast week, a man who was driving to say good-bye to his dying mother was involved in a terrible, rollover accident along the border of California and Nevada, in the town of Primm. The accident happened on Wednesday as Joey Beltran was driving with his 11-month-old golden retriever, “Nala.”

Beltran described what happened after the crash to KTNV News, “Six or seven cars pulled over to help me and I just kept yelling at them, I was like forget about me! Someone please go get my dog!” The terrified pup bolted away from the accident – running off through the desert, by mile marker 184.

Beltran and other area residents have been searching for Nala, but as of yet, she has not been recovered. A Facebook page, “Bring Nala Home,” is keeping those concerned about the pup’s fate current on the search status. On Monday evening, a hopeful post was made to the page:

There was a sighting of Nala last night at the golf course. The family and supporters are out looking tonight. Please pray she comes out from where she’s hiding!!!

Anyone who believes that they have spotted the missing golden retriever should report the sighting to 808-590-4526.

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  1. Penny's Dachshund says:

    This is SO SAD to have to happen at an already stressful point in this gentleman’s life!!! Hopefully SOCIAL MEDIA like this ONE will help with the safe and happy return of his pup!!!

  2. Ann Cluck says:

    Bring Nala Home
    4 hrs ·

    I personally want to thank everyone who has helped search and share the page bring Nala home. I know the family is beyond grateful to everyone! I am happy Nala will be home soon!! So thank you for helping everyone! Just shows how amazing our community is!! Thank you to those who drove hours to come help search for Nala ! You are all amazing and you a ll rock!!! 🙂
    Now I can stop worrying about what she’s doing and if she’s ok because she’s great now!! Miracles do happen !!! Now Kelsey can relax and wait for her baby to be born!! God bless everyone!

  3. Jill kurth says:

    Omg…..I know how this feels… My kitty got out of the house for 11 days…….!!! I put up poster photos of her all over…..which you should go…..and I got a trap and put food in cups inside. And finally she went in for food and door dropped……suggest to do that near where your accident was and put a worn piece of clothing out there too!!!!


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