Couple accused of drowning dog in swimming pool

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Two teenagers in Raleigh,  North Carolina, are accused of drowning their rescued black Labrador retriever mix in an apartment complex swimming pool. According to Monday’s WCNC News, the 19-year-olds, identified as Khai Daugherty and Annaliese Petersen, are facing a charge of felony animal cruelty for the death of “Eclipse,” a dog who had been adopted from the Wake County Animal Shelter earlier this year.

Petersen denies the accusation – claiming that she is devastated over the death of her dog and that she would never have hurt him, reported ABC 11 News. Petersen claims that her boyfriend told her that he had been “playing” with the dog, by repeatedly dunking him underwater, before Eclipse died. She told ABC 11, “I had no idea of the extent of what was actually happening. The police think I knew. I honest-to-God had no idea.” Officials claim that Eclipse was beaten and drowned – Peterson has claimed that the damage to her dog’s body was from the couple’s attempts to revive him with CPR, not from a beating.Screenshot (934)

After Eclipse died, the couple took his body to the woods – the August 18 incident has resulted in serious charges for the couple and if they are found guilty, they could face several years in prison.

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29 replies
  1. edward says:

    Both look like dirt bags. White fucking trash. Prision would be to good take them out to the ocean tie a huge block on thede body and throw them over. Rest in piece you poor pup

  2. Darla says:

    I can’t even begin to imagine the horror that Eclipse went through as he tried to survive. He LOVED those “things” (I can’t call them “human”) and they did this to him. Also, I’m not buying her “I didn’t know” excuse. RIP Eclipse.

  3. resqdogz says:

    Yeah, sure – that BITCH had “NO IDEA” what was going on… which is why his body was taken to the woods to hide…


    Just “erase” them, both: They don’t deserve to even breathe, when they deprived this hapless soul of his life…

  4. Rie says:

    Hopefully you all rot in hell you fucking 19 year old pieces of Psychopathic trash maybe both of us will go to jail and gets beat to death while thete will serve you right get just what you did to that dog back

  5. Andrea says:

    I’m sorry,another case of ‘I didn’t know ‘, or ‘they’re young’. No. It needs to end and only a serious punishment will start to scare people and make them think before they do these disgusting things. That dog trusted them. Dogs are so loyal,to the end. Poor baby. Punish them to the full extent and make an example. They are garbage so treat them that way.

  6. Penny's Dachshund says:

    JUST LOOK into the Soul thru the Vacant Eyes of the two VILE ,HATEFUL, SCUM BAGS!!! They BOTH NEED to be severely PUNISHED NOT Slapped on the wrist given a $100.00 fine and probation!!! NEXT it will be a BABY<Small Child<Elder< that are the victims of the PSYCHOPATHIC MAGGOTS!!! THIS was just a practice killing for them… Otherwise they WOULD NOT have tried to hide this POOR UNFORTUNATE DOG that these EVIL, VULTURIOUS KIDS MURDERED WITH FULL INTENT TO DO SO!!! One can only hope the authorities will see thru this RUSE!!!!

  7. maxiemom says:

    Filthy scumbag punks! Look at them! They LOOK like what they are- dead eyed, soulless, trash who need to be removed from the face of the earth permanently. They should never be allowed to reproduce.

  8. virginia green says:

    let the people in jail know what they did wrong.lock the door and threw away the key.the dog was a 4 legged kid wearing next time it migth be a human kid they do it to.

  9. Barkley's Mom says:

    If they were so “innocent” why did they take the dog into the woods and not to a vet? These POS dirtbags need fo be punished severely, but I fear there will be no justice for Eclipse, Rest in peace sweet pup, you didn’t deserve these murderers for owners.

  10. Karen Holbrook says:

    First off. Animals love, protect their babies and human babies, they feel sadness and feel pain. All they want is someone to love and to be loved back. The courts are way to easy on mobsters like these two. Any person that abuses an animal should be given a very hefty fine and thrown in jail for a minimum of five years. Hopefully there are men and women in jail that hate animal abusers like they hate monsters that abuse children and will make these monsters feel the pain and suffering that poor helpless went through, over and over again.

  11. Teresa Langford says:

    They should be tied up back to back and set on fire, at least they would get a small idea of what eternity is going to be like for both of them meanwhile eclipse will be running and playing and free in heaven. Their parents must be so proud. How did something that God creates become so vile and so cruel.

  12. Gina Gregoire says:

    Hey, all of you out there that are neighbors of this POS – please show them how cruel you think they are. Thanks.

  13. Rose says:

    I’m from Turkey and I feed the stray cats and dogs and I’m a student.If I can feel this deeply love for animals which if you if you read the news you probably know the situation in my country.I don’t know how people in better living conditions do this horrible things to a living soul.I hope they give them the ”special treatment” in the prison.

  14. Sheila Mitchell says:

    What vile disgusting individuals , why rescue a dog and then kill it in a horrible way and then try and dispose of the body. I don’t suppose they will get the punishment they deserve. Sick.

  15. Mike says:

    I have a springer spaniel who’s previous owners children used to hold him under water in their pool. He can swim but is terrified of water. We got him at 11 months he is now 12 years old and has never got over it. Drown the bastards. ?

  16. Jordan Wiskus says:

    Personally if i was the judge i would sentence both life in prison life for life. This dog trusted them with its life and they did that to him rip eclipse and may the people who killed you rot in hell

  17. leann Fulghum says:

    Please screen more carefully so more pos don’t get their hands on another animal. To the DA , please send these mf’s to prison for a long time.To inmates , their coming get ready no mercy!

  18. Christine says:

    I sure hope these 2 POS do not get a slap on the wrist they are old enough to know better throw Their ass in the Slammer hit them with such a great big thing is going to hurt them for a long time somebody got to stand up for the poor dog

  19. Kathi dabel says:

    This sweet doggie didn’t deserve that in any way! Punish these wastes in jail for a long time! I hate all animal abusers they need to just die a horrible death just like they did this puppy! Rip sweet pup God will take care of you now and He will also take care of the monsters that hurt you-

  20. Star Shelley says:

    So young to be heartless, I guess they start young. Karma to both. Rip baby. You have gone to a better place where you will be loved. I find it hard to believe that somebody in those Apts did see or try to stop them !!!!


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