Police investigating Chihuahua puppy shot in face with an arrow

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Why would anyone shoot a defenseless puppy in the face with an arrow is what Newark, Ohio authorities want to find out and are asking the public for help identifying the abuser, reports Nbc4News.David Pyles

A one-year-old rescue pup named Diego was shot in the face on Sunday night as his owner, David Pyles let the dog out the family’s front door. Moments later he heard the dog yelp, and when Pyles went outside, he saw the arrow lying on the ground next to Diego. Fortunately Diego was only grazed by the arrow and did not need any stitches, but there have been two other reports of pets shot with arrows withing the last five months.

In April, authorities reported a dog and cat were shot with arrows. The dog named Lady had been shot in the face  while in her kennel. Lady survived and was adopted by a Newark police officer. The next day a cat was seen by its owner with an arrow sticking out of her side. The cat ran away and has never been found.

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  1. Gizmos Mommy
    Gizmos Mommy says:

    The maggot responsible for doing this is a sick parasite that needs to be caught because “it’s” not going to stop there – “it’s” going to continue to do it and it will escalate. Next thing it’ll be children or the elderly.

  2. Linda Szymoniak
    Linda Szymoniak says:

    Someone has to know who is doing this. Also, why a dog owner would just let little dog like this outside their front door – I’m assuming their front yard isn’t fenced – confuses me. I have three Coonhounds and they either go into our securely fenced back yard (and I still keep my eye on them) or they go out on leashes. I would never let a dog run loose. You never know what might happen to even the best behaved dog.

  3. virginia green
    virginia green says:

    find who did it and shot the arrows into them like they did the 4 legged kids wearing fur.then jail the or them who did it and let them in jail know why they are in there.


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