Man pleads guilty to felony charges for torturing puppy

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A Salt Lake City, Utah, man has pleaded guilty to felony animal cruelty charges stemming from the death of his girlfriend’s puppy, “Moose.” According to Tuesday’s publication of the Salt Lake Tribune, 20-year-old Mikah M. Johnson pleaded guilty last Friday to two counts of felony animal torture as well as a misdemeanor assault charge.

Johnson’s charges are the result of a horrific case of cruelty which claimed the life of his girlfriend’s border collie puppy. The three-month-old puppy died on August 18, 2015 from multiple injuries, including blunt force trauma, a fractured jaw, widespread bruising, a ruptured liver and bleeding in his lungs.

As reported in Deseret News, Johnson’s neighbors reported hearing Moose being struck multiple times and crying in pain and his girlfriend admitted that she had seen Johnson kick the puppy down the stairs for not walking fast enough.

The heinous crime could result in Johnson being sentenced up to 10 years in prison – his sentencing will take place on November 4.

(Booking photo Salt Lake County)


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  1. I don’t understand, the “girlfriend” (I pray she is his ex) saw him kick the dog down the stairs and she allowed the monster to be around her dog? I hope he gets the full 10 years! And I hope the “girlfriend” has distanced herself from this POS!

    • And the girlfriend is the reason he was charged. She has had to work very hard to make her voice heard. She broke up with him when he killed Moose and got a protective order against him. Also, we are not and we do not know the girlfriend. We know the details since we have attended the court hearings and heard the testimony of the ex-girlfriend, neighbors, and veterinarians.

      • No we don’t know the girlfriend and as admirable as she is reporting the thug,and standing up for Moose’s rights, had she done something sooner, Moose might still be alive. Having lived through domestic abuse I realize how frightening the situation can be. But when you see abuse of any kind, it’s time to run! I truly hope there is justice for Moose, Mikah M. Johnson needs to be put away for the 10 years he can be, he is a blight on society! I see you have a petition, I will be signing it!

      • and maybe if she opened her mouth when she seen him kick the pup down the stairs that she admitted she saw this puppy would be alive still she is as much to blame

    • I think the stupid girlfriend deserves some jail time too she was aware of the abuse and did nothing about it she stayed with this jerk because of sex. Like most mothers whose boyfriend’s killed children the same same analogy I need a man in their bed so they don’t care

  2. “Up to 10 years” which means the POS will probably serve 20% of that time, if that much. He deserves to be 6 feet UNDER the jail. The girlfriend needs to be charged, too. RIP Moose. I’m sorry you suffered.

  3. Here’s hooping the judge gives him the full ten years. Then, hopefully, he’ll get kicked down the stairs by Bubba for not walking fast enough. Perhaps he’ll drop his soap in the shower…..

  4. send him to jail for longer then that.he killed and injuryed a 4 legged kid wearing fur.that was his girlfriends little kid wearing fur he did that all to.

  5. First, this is not a “man” as stated in the article. This is a vile and disgusting POS punk. I want to know if he’s out on the streets awaiting sentencing. I hope they throw the book at him and he gets the full 10 yrs. I sure hope someone takes a liking to him while he’s in the slammer and with any luck, this thing will leave prison feet first in a box, whatever there is left of him.

  6. He needs a Judge that loves animals to sentence HIM… The full 10 years in maximum …….Then let the general population KNOW his is an animal KILLER/ ABUSER! He won’t have to serve his full sentence then!!!

  7. Get the max. You deserve more time. People never learn. And that girlfriend, she needed some time, because
    If she would have thrown him out this might not have happened. However it did and he managed to murder the
    Dog.such cruelty, I wonder if she ever thought I could be next.

  8. I feel the girlfriend should be charged as well she admitted she saw her boyfriend kick the dog & didn’t report it it’s just as if it was a two legged human she just watched,also knowing he did this she still let him near the dog

  9. I am a law abiding tax paying citizen and resident of the U.S. I should not have to live in a community with sick people who torture and murder puppies. They will do it to women and children and should not be allowed to live among us. Justice needs to be served. Sentence him to the maximum and toughen our animal protection laws.

  10. This is a poor excuse for a man! Anyone who tortures an animal is a sick, vile human being who deserves the maximum sentence for punishment! Please put this man behind bars for decades or he will keep torturing animals, as well as people. Keep animals and people safe – justice must be served!

  11. He’s crazy and should go to a state institution for the criminally insane, FOR HIS WHOLE LIFE. His girlfriend should have a cell waiting for her cause she could have saved lil Moose but she didn’t protect him.
    Hopefully vigilante justice should take over and he’ll be dead before he takes up tax payers money to feed the scumbag in jail.
    So sorry lil puppy that a human sicko deprived you of your life.

  12. I feel like he should be punished in the most horrible way, it was a puppy and they heared it’s cry then they should have done something then.i don’t call them humans they are more like trash and they should be burnt, if he was abusive then she should had taken her beautiful puppy somewhere else. It makes us angry that they have to beat on something little and innocent and for what? Your still cowards to me.

  13. the gf is just as much to blame she said she seen him kick the pup down the stairs for not walking fast enough well bitch he would have been out of my house and police called then

  14. mikah joohnson is satan’s spawn!!!!!!!! He should go away FOREVER!!!!!!! what would happen if this happen to a human baby…. the pain is the same…. the fear is the same, the baby’s confusion and terror………. fuck that guy….. I hope they ALL do when he gets to prison!!!!


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