Missing dogs reunited with owner after teen hijacked woman’s vehicle

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In Orange County, Florida, two missing dogs were found this week after they vanished when a 14-year-old boy stole a woman’s car with the dogs inside, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

Frankie Rey and Chico

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, “Chico” the Chihuahua and “Frankie Rey,” the white Poodle-mix, were reunited with their owner Eileen Pagan. The woman, who had just moved into the area, had been at a gas station when Deon Sykes, 14  approached her and asked her for a ride home. No sooner had Pagan left driving from the service station, when Sykes is alleged to have assaulted her using pepper spray to force her out of the car. Pagan was treated at the hospital and released the following day.

The teen suspect was found less than an hour later, but would not give authorities any information about the location of the dogs. As an out pouring of community support flooded the area searching for the dogs, they were finally spotted along Fudge road – three miles from the service station.

Sykes also faces charges in connection with another car hijacking earlier the same day.

(Photo – Orange County Sheriff’s Office)

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  1. I hope they put this teenage thug away for awhile! I’m so glad they found the dogs safe and sound. Note: don’t give a ride to ANYBODY no matter how innocent they look! No good deed goes unpunished!

  2. This is wonderful news!!! So glad the pups are now back with their mommy. As far as the wayward teen is concerned, he should be tried as an adult. Period end of discussion. Teens that do things like this & are treated like children, go on to commit more heinous crimes later. It’s a sad fact that can be backed up with statistical findings. You do the crime you do the time. That’s all.

  3. OMG I was just checking this out back on examiner.com and wondering about the dogs. Am SO happy they have been found.

  4. I am so very happy that her dogs were found safe and returned to her. Now, punish the little asshole that hijacked her care and make the punishment severe enough that he will think twice before doing to again.


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