Rockville woman sentenced to 16 years in prison for neglecting 66 dogs

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A Montgomery County, Maryland woman was sentenced on Friday to more than 16 years in prison, with all but 180 days suspended for keeping 66 dogs in her home in horrible conditions, reports NbcWashington.

Ting Tiong

Katherine Ting Tiong, 47, had been operating a “rescue” called Forever Homes Animal Rescue at her home located on Glen Mill Road in Rockville. On January 1, authorities from Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center entered the property and  found matted and urine soaked dogs living in dirty crates and suffering from ear, eye and skin ailments. All of the animals were seized. Three of the dogs had to be euthanized and another dog died from unknown causes.

The investigation began approximately a month before when police had been investigating a dog bite report. Authorities had not expected to find so many dogs in one home, and it became the largest seizure of animals in Montgomery County.

District Court Judge William Simmons also ordered Ting Tiong to pay a $1,000 fine and will be under supervised probation for the next three years after she is released from jail. According to the Bethesda Magazine, Ramon Korionoff, the spokesperson for the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office, stated:

“Ms Tin Tiong will have 180 days behind bars to think about what she has done. Cruelty to animals will not stand in our county.”

All but three of the dogs have been adopted and reports from their new families have been positive. A few of the dogs are still struggling with behavioral issues – likely as a result of the ill treatment they received at Tiong’s home.

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(Photo by Montgomery County State Attorney’s Office)


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  1. Sentenced to 16 years and serves all of 180 days for abusing all these dogs!. Now that’s justice for you!

  2. When I first read 16 years, I thought that it’s about time. Then I read all suspended except 180 days. Seriously. She will probably end up serving half that with good behavior. Justice is not only blind, she doesn’t value animals lives.

  3. So, let me understand this. She only serves 180 days of a 16 yr sentence? If she re-offends will she get the 16 yrs? Does “suspended” mean erased/nonexistent? I hope they catch her on similar charges and she gets to do every minute of 16 yrs.

  4. 3 fur babys r dead as a result of her actions their lives snuffed out all she gets is 180 days in jail bullshit !!!!she should of got years in there and need to leave her ass in jail cell with no food or drink and made to live in her urine jackieyoung

  5. The government needs to get tougher on these crimes. On all crimes. A man will get 5 years for drug possession but get off on probation or only serve a few months for rape. The punishment needs to fit the crime people. The government needs to step up and realized there is a problem.

  6. To help with your frustration, here’s how a suspended sentence works: it’s meant as a strong message of “this is what I CAN DO if your re-offend in the same manner, OR you violate your probation under the standards written in the court order”. While I understand your disappointment and anger, often times a Judge will observe that the individual feels strong remorse, had good intention to begin with, but when things got out of control, they allowed themselves to go further into decline with their care of animals. Many times, this IS actually a good way to teach many/most people NOT to do this again.


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